Vietnam's advertising companies need a "blacklist" to block malicious content against the Party and Government to avoid breaking the law and facing severe punishment, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

The ministry has called on advertisers and brands to seriously strengthen the verification of advertisements on the network, to stop the unregulated spread of advertisements, which leads to the indirect distribution of malicious and illegal content in cyberspace.

In order to ensure brand safety and contribute to the development of a safe and healthy Vietnamese advertising and digital content ecosystem, the MIC has established a list of "verified" content on the network (referred to as the "white list") to support compliance with the Law on Advertising in the Online Environment, and recommended businesses to consider choosing ads from the "white list".

In addition, the ministry has recommended they seriously review the placement of ad installations on the network to prevent ads from being attached to pages, channels, accounts, and malicious and illegal content that violate the law.

The ministry has also assigned the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information to be the focal point to add "bad" sites, channels, and accounts, which had been detected by the authorities in the process of reviewing and handling information, then send to advertisers for vigilance.

Source: Hanoitimes