Vietnam’s sovereignty must be respected: Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson hinh anh 1
Pham Thu Hang, Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry (Photo: VNA)

So said Pham Thu Hang, Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, on June 10 while commenting on a June 6 statement by a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry concerning the operation of the group of Chinese survey ship Xiang Yang Hong 10.

As repeatedly affirmed, Vietnam has full legal ground and historical evidence to affirm its sovereignty over Truong Sa and Hoang Sa, she stressed, adding that the legal status of Truong Sa and its entities has been clearly defined in line with the UNCLOS 1982.

This is a manifestation of the responsible and construction spirit and a practical contribution by countries concerned to peace, stability, cooperaion and the rule of the law in the region, including the East Sea, she concuded./. VNA