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Vietnam specialties: rare bougainvillea offered for VND7 billion

It is common to see Bougainvilleas in Vietnam at inexpensive prices. However, due to their scarcity, some kinds of bougainvillea trees fetch VND hundreds of millions or even billions.

Many people were taken aback when a tree featured in the video below was valued up to VND 7 billion (over US$30,000). Bright pink blooms grow tens of meters long in the clip of bougainvilleas, which have a unique curving body.

Despite Enterprise and Marketing's assertion that the true worth of bougainvillea is yet to be confirmed, many people agree that the plant is just stunning.

200-year-old tamarind tree sets Vietnamese record

Sửng sốt trước cây hoa giấy dị nhất Việt Nam, 'hét' giá 7 tỷ đồng


When Nguyen Hoang Tuan (44 years old and a resident of Sa Dec City, Dong Thap province) began his collection of 23 historic decorative tamarinds with distinctive placements over 20 years ago, he didn't expect to find anything quite as rare as he did. A Vietnamese record has been achieved by Mr. Tuan's collection. One of Mr. Tuan's favorite tamarind trees is the oldest and has the best form.

Unlike other ornamental tamarind trees, this one has two trunks that share a single root, making it a valuable specimen in Vietnam. The tree's trunk is enormous, and the stump and roots appear as lumps that resemble lovely creatures due to its lengthy time in the ground.

‘Mutant’ guava tree, ‘ancient’ jackfruit tree laden with fruits

Sửng sốt trước cây hoa giấy dị nhất Việt Nam, 'hét' giá 7 tỷ đồng


On social media, the fruit trees that yield results beyond our wildest dreams are the ones that get the most attention.

Netizens were surprised recently when they observed a "mutant" guava tree with heavy fruit in Dan Viet newspaper. A lot of people know that this is pink flesh guava, which is becoming increasingly rare in the city these days.

The post about the "ancient" jackfruit tree drew attention. The trunk to the top of the jackfruit is seen in the shot, where the large fruits grow. There are many jackfruit trees in Vietnam that produce fruit, but one that produces as many fruits as this one is quite uncommon. Regardless of the photo's authenticity, everyone on the internet was in wonder after viewing this incident.

People were awestruck by an image of an ‘ancient’ jackfruit tree shared in a online group page. From its stem to the top, large fruits can be seen growing. Jackfruit trees laden with fruits in Vietnam are common, but to produce as many fruits as this one is a rarity.

Cultivating unusual grapes

Farmer Nguyen Van Dung (Tan Duong commune, Lai Vung district, Dong Thap province) revealed in Dan Tri newspaper that he received four South American woody vines for a planting test six years ago from a friend in Hanoi. Mr. Dung devised a unique method for increasing the yield of his grapes: he placed a cup of water outside the vineyard every night and tasted it in the morning. If the water was salty, it indicated that there was frost, which would be handled early to save the tree.

The Dong Thap farmer has a 2,000-square-meter premium vineyard with around 500 woody vines aged ranging from 2 to 6 years, as well as a 1,000-pot woody vineyard. Dung distributes grape varietals, particularly decorative grape types, from the North to the South due to scarcity of top-grade vines. This farmer earns an average of about 20 million VND each month only from the sale of seedlings.

Bamboo-based household items made by one-armed man

Sửng sốt trước cây hoa giấy dị nhất Việt Nam, 'hét' giá 7 tỷ đồng


Having only one arm left after an accident has not prevented the 57-year-old ‘bamboo king’ Phan Van Chanh (Dai Thanh commune, Dai Loc district, Quang Nam province) from pursuing his love of making distinctive household items and earning tens of millions of dong each month.

Mr. Chanh said that he came up with the concept for the tables and chairs after stumbling over the curled, rough, yet attractive bamboo stumps.

After a series of missteps, Mr. Chanh ultimately released a line of high-quality items, and the demand for them continued to grow. Two months on average, Mr. Chanh sells a set of bamboo products for VND 25-60 million contingent upon the amount of items in the set (set of 5 and 9 items). Some are constructed from a large bamboo as requested by customers and are sold for between VND 65 and 70 million.

Colorful cauliflower priced at VND 1 million/kg popular with buyers

Sửng sốt trước cây hoa giấy dị nhất Việt Nam, 'hét' giá 7 tỷ đồng


There are a number of imported agricultural items that are popular with Vietnamese housewives despite their high pricing compared to indigenous agricultural products, such as rainbow cauliflower, tiny cabbage, and so on. More and more people in Vietnam buy rainbow cauliflower, which comes in a variety of hues, including blue, white, yellow, and purple.

An imported agricultural supply chain in Ho Chi Minh City sells purple Dutch cauliflower for about VND 460,000/kg. In addition, a kilogram of Wild Roquette Salad and spinach costs VND 950,000.

Hanh Nguyen

Food reviewers on social media: new job in Hanoi

Food reviewers on social media: new job in Hanoi

Food reviewers, who can eat for free and earn money from restaurant owners after posting reviews on social networks, are becoming more common in Vietnam.

Can Tho fish breeder hopes to develop tourism from rare fish

Can Tho fish breeder hopes to develop tourism from rare fish

A fish breeder in the Mekong Delta province of Can Tho is attracting visitors to his farms thanks to his raising lots of rare fish.



Hanoi looks to develop satellite cities

Hanoi is planning to develop satellite urban areas as part of an effort to widen local space and ease pressure from overcrowding in the inner city.

Film director Tran Van Thuy wins Grand Prize of Bui Xuan Phai Awards

Film director Tran Van Thuy won the Grand Prize of the 15th Bui Xuan Phai – For Love of Hanoi Awards during a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) in Hanoi on October 6.

Vietnam sends 11 workers to WorldSkills Competition 2022

Eleven Vietnamese workers will participate in the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition which is being held in Europe and East Asia from September 30 to November 28, according to the Directorate of Vocational Education and Training.

VN underlines respect for territorial integrity in response to Ukraine-Russia conflict

Vietnam closely follows the developments surrounding the Ukraine-Russia conflict, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Le Thi Thu Hang said during a regular press briefing in Hanoi on October 6.


HCM City to be next destination of Italian Film Festival 2022

2023 AFF Club Championship schedule, structure announced

The 2023 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Club Championship will start on September 27 2023, and end on May 15, 2024, the AFF Competition Committee announced at an online meeting on Monday.

HCM City’s dengue fever deaths highest in decade

HCMC recorded some 25 deaths due to dengue by October 2, the highest in a decade, according to the HCMC Center for Disease Control.

Hospitality providers in Hanoi Old Quarter revive

Hospitality providers in Hanoi’s Old Quarter have been gradually recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 15, most of them have so far been brought back to life.

After discovery of fake VietGAP-certification, 12 units under probe

After local media reported about vegetables with counterfeited VietGAP certificates, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) asked for a review of 12 certification units and threatened to strictly punish any violators.

Another three Vietnamese digital platforms qualify for being popularized

Vietnam is expected to maintain its seventh place in the number of new app downloads globally.

Foreign travel website suggests 10 best things when visiting Vietnam

Kayaking in the waters of picturesque Cat Ba island and taking a food tour to sample delicacies around Ho Chi Minh City are among the 10 best things to do in Vietnam, according to UK-based travel website Time Out.

Vietnam’s coconut kingdom protects organic coconut areas by biological methods

When the trend of consuming organic products is increasingly popular, the development of organic material sources has become an urgent requirement. Protecting these sources has become a great concern of producers in many countries around the world.

Electronics industry capacity must keep up with increased investment

Vietnam needs policies to enable the electronics industry to ready its supply chain as the country becomes ever more attractive for investment, Deputy Director of the Industry Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade Pham Tuan Anh said.

VN central bank shifts up interest rates to combat US Fed adjustments

After the State Bank of Vietnam implemented the new operational interest rate on September 23, all joint-stock commercial banks, with the exception of state-owned ones, have adjusted the deposit interest rate for most terms.