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The children who earn a living by blowing fire on 'Western Street'

Amid the boisterous atmosphere and noisy music, children on the ‘Western Street’ of Bui Vien in HCM City can be seen approaching visitors and, in a tiny voice, asking for money after risking their life performing fire breathing.

Baby boy weighing 6.1 kilograms born in Ha Tinh

A woman gave birth to a giant baby boy at 40 weeks weighing 6.1 kilograms by surgical cesarean section at Ha Tinh Provincial General Hospital on September 27 afternoon, making him the locality's heaviest ever.

Monk’s corpse kept intact at pagoda in An Giang for nearly one decade

A monk in An Giang passed away 10 years ago, but his body has not decomposed, though it was not preserved by chemicals or embalming methods.

Woman gives birth on train

A woman has just safely delivered her baby on an HCM City-Da Nang train thanks to the support of train staff and a passenger.

Discarded fruit peels sold as valuable goods

In Vietnam, many types of fruit peels are considered waste and are thrown away, such as mangosteen peels, cocoa pods and rice husks. But in fact, they are very precious as can treat diseases and be processed into useful products.

Running against time: an elderly athlete’s journey

Even at the age of 70, an age when many former professional marathon runners have hung up their running shoes, Nguyen Do Hung remains a familiar face in running events across Vietnam.

Mekong Delta man feeds thousands of freshwater fish as if they are his pets

At the river station in front of his home, thousands of catfish gather and wag their maidenhair and wait for Doan Van No to feed them.

Vietnamese send paper-horse votive to tourist who returns to France

The news about a foreigner buying a paper horse has had a happy ending.

150 couples to set Vietnam mass wedding record

A total of 150 couples are expected to set a new Vietnam record for the largest number of participants in a mass wedding to be held on October 15.

Odd job: sitting still by puddles catching bees, earning big money

Summer days are a busy time for many Nghe An people. They spend time hunting for golden bees to sell to merchants and restaurants.

Jellyfish enthusiast brings aquarium into her house

Le Dang Viet Trinh, a 30-year-old woman who lives in HCM City, has a unique hobby of raising jellyfish in an air-conditioning room at her house.

Young man has new life years after becoming famous for having blue eyes

Nguyen Van Hao, 24, in Da Lat City of Lam Dong province, was born into an unhappy family, with a father often drunk, that lived on his mother’s wages from weeding.

Dog has guarded its owner’s grave for last six years

In the last six years, a 6-year-old dog has been guarding the grave of its young owner who died prematurely.

Ninh Binh man bicycles across country in 74 days, loses 30 kilos

Seventy-four days, 40 cities and provinces, and 4,261 kilometers later, Vu Van Linh, 28, from Ninh Binh, recently completed a trans-country tour by bicycle.

Two-year-old boy diagnosed with rare condition has successful surgery

The HCM City Children’s Hospital No2 said a patient diagnosed with abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) was the first such case found in children in Vietnam. There are only 30 children who have been diagnosed with the problem worldwide.

Hanoi hospital saves 400-gram premature baby

The Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital has successfully saved a prematurely-born baby who weighed just 400 grams.

The man who has been ‘beautifying’ corpses for 30 years

Working as a cadaver carer for many years, Kim said he sometimes becomes tired and exhausted. But he has never considered giving the job up because he feels sorry for the dead, who are washed and made up for the last time in their lives.

Patient with both male, female genitalia has testicular cancer surgery

The patient has the form of a female, with ovaries and clitoris, and testes hidden in the left groin area. After nearly 40 years without intervention, the patient was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Six cows killed in lightning strike in Son La

Six cows were killed in a lightning strike during heavy rain in the northern province of Son La on Friday.

Two people bathing in Hoan Kiem Lake identified

Hanoi police have identified two people who swam in the city’s iconic Hoan Kiem District.