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Phu Thuong sticky rice impresses foodies from around the world

Hanoi has not only become known worldwide for its specialties such as phở and bún chả, but also Phu Thuong sticky rice, which was chosen to serve local and foreign journalists and guests at the North Korea-United States Hanoi Summit a few years ago.

Edible 'roses' sell well despite high prices

Phung Thi Thuong, an online food seller in Thanh Xuan district in Hanoi, said he has stored 1 ton of roses made of dried mangoes for sale. One ton of mangoes can make 2,000 flowers.

Raising 9-spur cocks, Phu Tho man becomes VND billionaire

Wealthy Vietnamese do not hesitate to spend money and time to seek out nine-spur cocks for Tet gifts. These cocks are mentioned in the legend about Hung King choosing a son-in-law.

Tet delicacies: Irresistible specialties from Mekong Delta region

Towards the end of the lunar year, the dried food craft villages in the Mekong Delta become vibrant, working at maximum capacity to meet the demand for the Tet market.

500-year-old Shan Tuyet tea tree in Yen Bai is priceless, not for sale

A 500-year-old Shan Tuyet tea tree at Nguyen Quang Hoang's home in Yen Bai is the most beautiful old tree in the region. Someone once asked to buy the tree at the price of VND6 billion, but Hoang refused to sell it.

Specialty Dien pomelo – a citrus offering for Lunar New Year Festival

For a long time, the Diễn pomelo has been considered a specialty of Hanoi. The citrus fruit is also one of the most sought-after products that Vietnamese people purchase for the Tet celebration.

Bo Ha orange brings fame for Bac Giang Province

Local Nguyễn Thanh Hòa, 72, who has been growing the orange for several decades, said the orange took its name after Bố Hạ Commune in Yên Thế District.

Phu Quoc’s distinctive pepper sauce: Tieu ngao duong

Phu Quoc pepper is celebrated for its unparalleled aroma and flavor.

Famous specialties of Lam Dong

The central highlands province of Lam Dong has many specialties such as coffee, artichokes, persimmons and Laba bananas.

The unusual salt in Vietnam, priced at VND1 million per kilogram

In Vietnam, there is a type of salt created from ants which has an original taste. As it is special and unique, it is very expensive.

Cai Mon durian attracts even gourmets for its special fragrance and sweetness

Apart from coconuts, the southern province of Ben Tre is also famous for its durian, a  specialty of Cai Mon Hamlet, Cho Lach District.

Tan Cuong tea – well-known specialty of Thai Nguyen

This exceptional tea from Tan Cuong Commune has a delightful taste that will enchant even the most discerning tea enthusiasts.

Farmer raises eels with music, earns high profit

By raising eels in mud-free tanks and exposing them to music every day, a farmer in Nghe An Province earn tens of thousands of USD a year.

One of a kind: banana species needs boiling, non-sour citrus fruit sells out

While regular bananas need time to become ripe, a particular type in Vietnam requires boiling or grilling to reach its maximum taste. In Vietnam, there is also a unique citrus fruit, not sour but sweet.

Specialty of U Minh: delectable bee pupae dish

Silkworm pupae are perhaps too familiar to need more explanation. Ca Mau is home to what is known as U Minh's first specialty: bee pupae (young bees).

Making a fortune from tea leaves

The family of Mr. To Van Khiem, 52, Head of Khe Coc village in Tuc Tranh commune, Thai Nguyen province, makes thousands of USD per kilogram of processed tea by feeding plants with chicken eggs and honey.

Watercress grown in rocky fields cultivated with water from an ancient well

Watercress is only fresh when it is planted in regions with clean water. If a small part of it is covered in dirt or polluted water, the plant will turn yellow and die.

The most special yellow apricot trees in Vietnam

The most expensive yellow apricot trees in southern Vietnam are blooming, attracting many visitors.

Catching super-size tuna and raising giant cows, farmers pocket big money

A fisherman in Binh Dinh catches big tuna, while 3B cows imported from Belgium provide high meat yield in Quang Nam. More unusual stories:

Discarded fruit peels recycled into valuable products

Many types of fruit peels, considered such as cocoa and shrimp shells and rice husks, can be processed into useful products, thus increasing product value, regenerating resources, and protecting the environment.