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While regular bananas need time to become ripe, a particular type in Vietnam requires boiling or grilling to reach its maximum taste. In Vietnam, there is also a unique citrus fruit, not sour but sweet.

Specialty of U Minh: delectable bee pupae dish

Silkworm pupae are perhaps too familiar to need more explanation. Ca Mau is home to what is known as U Minh's first specialty: bee pupae (young bees).

Making a fortune from tea leaves

The family of Mr. To Van Khiem, 52, Head of Khe Coc village in Tuc Tranh commune, Thai Nguyen province, makes thousands of USD per kilogram of processed tea by feeding plants with chicken eggs and honey.

Watercress grown in rocky fields cultivated with water from an ancient well

Watercress is only fresh when it is planted in regions with clean water. If a small part of it is covered in dirt or polluted water, the plant will turn yellow and die.

The most special yellow apricot trees in Vietnam

The most expensive yellow apricot trees in southern Vietnam are blooming, attracting many visitors.

Catching super-size tuna and raising giant cows, farmers pocket big money

A fisherman in Binh Dinh catches big tuna, while 3B cows imported from Belgium provide high meat yield in Quang Nam. More unusual stories:

Discarded fruit peels recycled into valuable products

Many types of fruit peels, considered such as cocoa and shrimp shells and rice husks, can be processed into useful products, thus increasing product value, regenerating resources, and protecting the environment.

An Giang man collects old driftwood sculptures

A collection of over 50 large-sized artworks sculpted from driftwood collected from the Tien River is owned by Mr. Phan Van Khanh, 32, from My Luong town in An Giang province.

An Giang has the oldest yellow apricot tree in Vietnam

People are flocking to a coffee shop on Nguyen Hoang Road in My Hoa Ward in Long Xuyen City in An Giang Province to admire a 200-year-old yellow apricot tree owned by Mr. Duong Tan Dung, 57.

VND350 billion orange grove waiting for Tet

An orange grove worth hundreds of billions in Huong Son District, Ha Tinh Province is now ripe and ready for harvesting. Farmers are stocking up to prepare for the Tet season when prices go up.

The first market in Vietnam to sell only precious wood

At Van Market, or Dong Beo Market, in Phu Khe ward in Bac Ninh City, there is only one commodity – wooden boards made of rosewood.

The nostalgia of sesame rice crackers - the flavour of Ha Nam province

Located around 70 kilometres from the capital Hanoi, Kien Khe town in Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province, is renowned for its So Kien sesame rice crackers. 

CNN lists Vietnamese Beef Pho among world's best 20 soups

Prestigious website CNN Travel has selected the local delicacy Pho Bo (Beef Pho) among its 20 best soups worldwide.

The best way to taste Vietnamese coffee

The flavor of Vietnamese coffee always leaves an unforgettable impression for any first-time drinker.

Eating worms: luxury seafood hidden in the sand

You might need a little grit to overcome the feelings you have when looking at the slithery appearance of this unusual food.

My Chu noodles - a Bac Giang speciality loved by all

Although he lives in Japan, Nguyen Minh Tung is still in the habit of eating mỳ Chũ (Chu noodles) for breakfast every day with his family.

Vietnam specialties: rare bougainvillea offered for VND7 billion

It is common to see Bougainvilleas in Vietnam at inexpensive prices. However, due to their scarcity, some kinds of bougainvillea trees fetch VND hundreds of millions or even billions.

‘Sky wine’ pouring from tree trunks in central Vietnam

The Co Tu ethnic people of Tay Giang district in the central province of Quang Nam have a special ‘wine’ called Tr’din.

West lake lotus tea – a quintessence of Hanoians

“Thien co de nhat tra” (The most premium tea of time) West Lake lotus tea, made with lotus flower grown in West Lake, Hanoi, symbolizes the quintessence of the capital’s culture. 

Tea farmer earns good income harvesting seeds and roots well as leaves of lotus plants

Having grown lotus for the last three years, Nguyen Thi Thuy harvests not only lotus seeds but also lotus leaves that are used for tea that sells for VND90,000 per kilogram.