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Man of high prestige devoted to Mường culture

In Lạc Sơn District, Bùi Huy Vọng has spent 20 years of his life writing about Mường culture. He has published more than 20 books and research papers on Mường shamans, rituals and food.

Hand embroidery on Bodhi leaves help young woman earn a good living

Kim Thoa from Thanh Hoa province developed her hobby of embroidering on different materials and making handicrafts. Her embroidered paintings on Bodhi leaves have become famous and earned her high profits.

Former teacher breathes life into eggshells

Nguyễn Thành Tâm has put his passion into turning thin fragile eggshells, assumed to have little to no usage, into adorable and lively figures.

Vietnamese artist specializes in enamel painting on zisha teapots

With talented penmanship and special techniques that he invented, Hong Duc Thanh breathes life into zisha tea pots.

Vietnamese artisan creates wooden Cybertruck

A woodwork artisan in the northern province of Bac Ninh has created a Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup, attracting great attention from the public.

Ethnic woman helps preserve traditional embroidery

Speaking about her motivation to run the club, Bình recalled her childhood when she learned Dao embroidery techniques from her mother and grandmother. At age 14, Bình said she could sew and embroider on her own dresses.

Da Sy Village artisan wields Damascus knives

Hoang Manh Chien, a young blacksmith, is among the few individuals in Vietnam who possess the skill to create legendary Damascus steel. This type of steel is famous for producing exquisite, expensive, and rare handmade knives.

Artisan breathes new life into traditional handmade paper

Do Thu Huong is making paper lanterns to bring traditional values back into contemporary society, and is constantly experimenting and developing more exquisite products made with artisanal paper.

The craftsman who devotes his life to woven paintings of Uncle Ho

The great Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh was honored in this way by a Hanoi craftsman.

Young woman weaves brighter future

Like many Hrê ethnic youths in Teng Village in the central province of Quang Ngai, Pham Thi Y Hoa is overwhelmed with pride when she wears the distinctive traditional brocade costume of her ethnic group.

Tree bark transformed into attractive landscape pictures

Le Hoang Nhan has dedicated himself to creating these ’bark pictures’ for over 15 years.

Man turns almond leaves into transparent conical hats

A man from the former imperial capital of Hue has given Vietnam’s cultural symbol, the conical hat, a twist by using almond leaves instead of palm leaves and making it transparent.

Female chef famous for her vegetarian meals

With her passion for vegetarian food, Nhung has dedicated her life to studying and creating recipes to make delicious, original dishes with a Vietnamese soul.

Creative vision turns sustainable material into high-end products

Thai Dang Tien's bamboo products business supports local residents to grow, take care of and harvest the bamboo while ensuring the safety of the environment.

A Hanoi artisan creates woodblock for over four decades

Pham Ngoc Toan is one of the last artisans that still hold on to the craft of hand-carving wood stamp in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

Embroidering a future for everyone

Nguyen Kim Chi, a fashion designer specialising in tailoring, has held the Cuc Chi class in Hanoi to share her interest in the embroidery craft.

Colorful paper masks in Hoi An

In the central city of Hoi An is a house on Bach Dang Street that is home to hundreds of colorful paper masks made by artist Bui Quy Phong, who has devoted his whole life to these masks.

Wobbly wonders: Vietnamese 3D jelly cakes

The beauty of flowers, cute animals, beautiful love stories or romantic songs have become endless inspirations for Trần Phương Nga’s three-dimensional canvas of transparent jelly.

The rare female artisan who patches up memories in Hanoi

Darning clothes work requires meticulousness, ingenuity and patience, and thanks to that, it brings a decent income for the 72-year-old craftwoman in Hanoi.

Creating artworks from scrap paper

Scrap paper may be useless to many people, but for some it is a valuable material to create incredible artworks.