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101-year-old woman seamstress sews beautiful royal pillows

At the age of 101, Tri Hue from Thua Thien Hue still works hard every day hand-sewing royal pillows to maintain the traditional profession.

Vietnamese man creates vivid sculptures from tyres

Nguyen Thanh Trieu claims that the sculptures he has made from used tyres can resist adverse weather conditions and have a high level of durability.

Woman's handcrafted quilted blankets in much demand

Pham Nhu Quynh, 29, from Hanoi is well-known for her production of blankets, pillows, shirts and hats made by hand stitching fabric and quilting. Her products are works of art that amaze many.

Artisan unmasks traditional craft

Over the years, the craft of carving ritual wooden masks has gradually been lost. A Yứk from Ia Chim Commune in Kon Tum City is among the few men in the land still pursuing the ancient craft of his ancestors.

Call of the past

The past artisans might have not imagined that the vases they made would become special cultural values, which are being hunted and those prices paid equal many years of hard work.

Young Khmer-Vietnamese woman earns high profits from flower "massage"

In the first half of the year, Chal Thy could not succeed but finally was able to learn how to pat and massage flowers so that sweet nectar would be secreted.

Hanoi artisan preserves the art of making toy figurines

For more than 20 years artisan Dang Van Hau of Phu Xuyen district in Hanoi has been researching ways to improve the traditional craft of making To he, toy figurines made from rice dough.

IT engineer makes bespoke shoes in Japan

Though Trung is very busy as an IT engineer, he still spends time on his passion – making shoes. It takes six months on average to make a pair of shoes.

Reviving the art of mid-autumn lanterns

Following five years of dedication, researcher Trinh Bach and craftsman Trong Binh have contributed to reviving the historical tradition of Mid-Autumn lights.

Young artisan puts trendy twist on Bat Trang ceramics

Vu Nhu Quynh, an artisan in Bat Trang pottery village, is leading the charge in reviving the spirit of pot making to promote and preserve traditional crafts.

The story of a glass blowing craftsman

Mr. Ho Van Gung, in Giap Long Village, Thuong Tin District, Hanoi, has dedicated his whole life to keeping the traditional glass blowing craft alive.

600-year-old craft village makes sailboats that can travel upwind

Made in a traditional craft village, the sailboats that can travel against streams and the wind are legendary among river workers.

Craftsman preserves Hang Trong paintings for 60 years

Hang Trong painting, a genre of Vietnamese woodcut paintings originating in the Old Quarter in Hanoi serves as “food for the mind”. The art form had been nearly lost, but one man is trying to preserve the traditional folk painting.

Hanoi's veteran artisan helps promote embroidery craft

Nguyen Quoc Su, a 79-year-old embroidery artisan who has practised the craft for over 60 years, still works on his embroidery frame every day, helping to preserve and promote the traditional craft of the nation.

Miniatures helping popularise Vietnamese culture

Vietnamese culture has been nudged closer to domestic and foreign friends through life-like palm-sized miniatures of groceries, food carts, local dishes, barber shops, and even iconic tourist attractions made by young people around the country.

Hanoian woman showcases passion for leather work

Nguyen Ngoc Dieu Linh still remembers the moment she first touched a piece of scrap leather that a friend gifted her six years ago.

Veteran sewer hopes a stitch in time can save traditional craft

Nguyen Quoc Su’s embroidery business used to provide jobs for a hundred employees and his store in the Old Quarter welcomed throngs of foreign tourists and buyers.

Hanoi Museum showcases sacred VN art

At many of the pagodas, temples or other instances of spiritual architecture in Viet Nam, statues of sacred animals almost always guard the gate. An exhibition honouring those statues--themed Vietnamese Sacred Animals - is showcasing

Belgo-French duo opens marketplace for Vietnam artisans’ products

 VietNamNet Bridge – Belgo-French duo Bernard Seys and Lous Adrien Fabre have initiated an idea to bring bespoke products by Vietnamese artisans directly to customers all over the world via their newly-launched marketplace

Limited edition dictionaries to be auctioned in HCM City

 VietNamNet Bridge – Three out of six exclusive editions of dictionaries published by MCBooks JSC will be auctioned for charity this Sunday in HCM City.