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The word “banh mi” (Vietnamese bread) was admitted into the Oxford English Dictionary, one of the world’s most prestigious dictionaries, on March 24, 2011, showing the international community’s recognition for Vietnam’s culinary culture.

Banh mi – World class street food

With the word “banh mi” recognised by the Oxford dictionary and a Google bread doodle which has taken the media by storm in recent days, let’s find out why this popular street food in Vietnam has become known to so many international friends.

Banh mi restaurant ran out of a bus by British girl

Cat O’Brien, a 26-year-old British woman, is the owner of Hanoi 75, a Vietnamese banh mi restaurant that is uses a traditional double-decker bus as its premises.

VN banh mi shops praised by int’l media

Vietnamese banh mi is regarded as one of the "super food" by foreign diners. The banh mi is a delicious and ever-varying combination of deli-style pork, pate and veggies, stuffed into a soft and crunchy French baguette.

Vietnamese banh mi shop famous in the US

 VietNamNet Bridge – Made by Vietnamese and bearing the Vietnamese flavor and style, Lee’s Sandwiches has quickly become one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the US.