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Cyberbullying creating harmful impacts on Vietnamese children

As netizens, children are exposed to various negative information, not to mention privacy attacks and cyberbullying. These acts might make them suffer from unwanted depression, which is rather dangerous to their mental health.

Children face risks in cyberspace with 87 per cent accessing internet daily

With 87 per cent of Vietnamese children aged 12-17 years old access the internet every day, they are facing a myriad of risks in cyberspace.

Nearly 86% of Vietnamese children suffer from dental problems

Up to 86.4% of Vietnamese children between the ages of six and eight have tooth decay, according to a survey announced recently by the Vietnam Odonto Stomatology Association.

Students at forum complain about academic, parental pressure

A forum titled ‘Dieu em muon noi’ (the things I want to say) was organized on May 17 at Giang Vo Secondary School in Hanoi, where students shared their thoughts about life and study after two years of being impacted by Covid-19.

Doctors warn of ‘precocious puberty’ condition and parents’ misuse of medicine

Since 2003, nearly 3,000 children have been brought to the National Children’s Hospital to receive treatment related to precocious puberty, according to Nguyen Ngoc Khanh of the hospital’s Department of Endocrinology - Metabolism - Genetics.

Fowl play for families during pandemic

Children throughout the country are going through a lonely time due to having to study online and not being able to hang out with friends.

Vietnamese families struggle with children's abnormal behavior

The fact that children waste their time in front of mobile devices is causing a stressful situation in many families.

Vietnamese sisters win Grand Prix at int’l children's drawing contest

Two Vietnamese sisters Trinh Hien Minh and Trinh Nha Minh from Hanoi have won the Grand Prix at the international children's drawing contest named “Nature of the planet”.

Children’s diets show no improvement in last decade: UNICEF

Children under the age of 2 are not getting the food or nutrients they need to thrive and grow well, leading to irreversible developmental harm, according to a new report by UNICEF.

Equipping children with self-defense skills on cyberspace

The Department of Child Care and Protection will join forces with local authorities, relevant agencies and organizations to train children with the skills to protect themselves in cyberspace.

Most students use mobile phones for distance learning

Kaspersky's latest survey shows that 59% of children in the Asia Pacific region have used their phones to attend online classes.

2,000 Vietnamese children drown every year

Although the number of children who have drowned in Vietnam has fallen in recent years, drowning is still one of the leading causes of death among children.

HCM City children enjoy 'quiet' summer, indoor activities amid pandemic

Due to the impact of the pandemic, most children are at home this summer and socially distanced from the world, and, as a result, parents are being more considerate when it comes to their entertainment and educational needs.

Vietnamese children need safer environment in cyberspace

Children often spend a lot of time learning, playing and exploring on the internet. Besides the undeniable benefits, unseen threats are also part of cyberspace.

Vietnamese parents divided on when to teach kids about money use: survey

The survey of 10,000 parents in nine Asian markets found 95 per cent agreeing that it is very important to teach their children how to use and manage money.


Children encourage pandemic fighting spirit through paintings

Artworks painted by children during the pandemic are being displayed in an online exhibition.

Children’s social roles promoted through their council

A Children’s Council gathers outstanding children to periodically express opinions, aspirations, exchange and hold dialogues with representatives of all-level People's Committees and People’s Councils on child-related issues in localities.


Daily struggles of street kids portrayed in exhibition

An exhibition entitled “24 hours on the street” and portraying the daily struggle of street kids is underway at the Vietnam Women’s Museum in Hanoi.

Young teacher devoted to supporting disadvantaged students

Many students in Din Chin – one of the poorest, most remote communes in Muong Khuong District, consider teacher Lo Thi Lan a second mother thanks to her dedication.

Children must be taught online safety skills: experts

Internet users in Vietnam, especially children, face many risks online, according to experts.