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Vietnamese food among 100 best in the world. Screenshot

Accordingly, Vietnam's best rated food include Pho, Banh hoi, Phu Quoc fish sauce, dragon fruit from Phan Thiet, and more.

Meanwhile, in the 100 Best Dishes category (100 most delicious dishes in the world), two typical Vietnamese dishes, Banh mi and Pho bo, were also named, ranked 14th and 100th, respectively.

Two localities with diverse and attractive cuisine appeared in the Best Food Cities & Regions category - Hue (28th) and Ho Chi Minh City (73rd). 

Finally, in the Best Iconic food places category, Thin Lo Duc Pho restaurant, opened in 1979, was ranked 90th by TasteAtlas experts with its unique stir-fried rare beef Pho, imbued with flavour.

Vietnamese cuisine among 100 best in the world hinh anh 2
Vietnamese broken rice (com tam). Screenshot

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