Poster of the event.


Vietnamese food is known worldwide for its elegant features. As part of the cultural diplomacy, one of the three pillars of Vietnam’s modern diplomacy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has coordinated with various agencies at home and abroad to promote Vietnam’s culture to the world. Cuisine is an important part of Vietnamese culture and the upcoming event in the city of Perpignan, France will bring Vietnamese food to French people.

The main contents of the program include: Performing, introducing the essence of Vietnamese cuisine; a symposium introducing UNESCO heritage sites in Vietnamese and Vietnamese culinary arts; an exhibition of eight UNESCO heritage sites in Vietnam and some quintessential Vietnamese culinary products; an exchange of Vietnamese - French chefs.

It is expected that the event will attract more than 2,000 guests who are local officials and entrepreneurs, particularly those who work in the fields related to food and tourism, hotels, as well as correspondents and French young people, including students of tourism and cooking schools.

The event is hosted by the Department of Cultural Affairs and UNESCO under the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, with the support of the Vietnamese Embassy in France, the Vietnamese Mission to UNESCO, the School of Tourism and Cooking of Bourquin (Perpignan, France), and Vinpearl Company. Other major participants are the Vietnam Chef Association, Viettravel, Honeco, and Song Hy tea.

With the theme "Journey to Vietnamese World Heritage Sites", the organizers hope to create a culinary festival associated with the cultural space and natural landscape of Vietnam.

Bao Duc