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Saigon man makes clay models of Vietnamese meals

After his first model of dish was posted on social network, Duc received many positive comments. Viewers thought it was a real dish and often commented "I am so hungry!"

Chinsu joins the Day of Pho 2022

The Day of Pho 2002 took place in Nam Dinh City on December 9-12, attracting many talented chefs and thousands of Vietnamese and foreign visitors.

Why you should have the stomach to try the best local delicacies

A man who goes by the name LiverKing has been making waves across social media platforms recently.

French vlogger aspires to promote Vietnamese cuisine

Will Courageux is flying the flag for Vietnam, helping to spread the word about the country to a global audience. The French vlogger goes by the name Will in Vietnam, and his videos feature local culture and cuisine.

The quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine: Hanoi spring rolls

Hanoi’s typical dishes with many variants always cause nostalgia for children who live far from their homeland.

Cao Bang grass jelly: A summertime treat

The grass jelly is an indispensable ingredient for a delicious cup of sweet soup or soya bean curd of all flavours. The northern province of Cao Bang is famous for this unique kind of jelly.

Rough Guides recommends must-try Vietnamese dishes

UK-based publisher of world-renowned travel books and magazines Rough Guides has published an article recommending outstanding Vietnamese dishes besides the already renown pho and banh mi.

Cured veal an intricate speciality of Nghe An

Nghe An Province is not only well known nationwide for its eel soup but also giò bê (cured veal meat) which is a must-have for big anniversaries such as weddings or Tet (Lunar New Year) parties.

Northern snail noodle soup

Among the culinary delights in Hanoi, snail noodle soup is fascinating to many northerners. The dish, which can be said to have a unique countryside flavor, is pervasive in the capital, from street food stalls to luxury restaurants. 

Bun nghe xao long, a unique dish of Hue

“Bún nghệ xào lòng (stir-fried vermicelli with pig intestines and turmeric) is one of Hue’s most popular dishes. It has closely connected with many generations of locals,” said my friend’s mother Hoang Thi Thuy.

An unforgettable experience with Bun Ngan Nhan

Compared to the Southern and the Central Vietnam, the Northern region, particularly Hanoi, boasts a wide variety of dishes using Muscovy duck, from noodle dish to hot pot and stir-fry.

Try seafood specialties in Ca Mau

Mudskippers grilled with chili salt and mud creepers with coconut milk are one of the best seafood specialties in Ca Mau Province.

Vietnamese food: Stir-fried noodles

Stir-fried crispy noodles is a very popular Chinese dish in HCM City. The way the rich, savoury sauce soaks into the crispy fried noodles makes the meal simply irresistible!

Bun Cha – the characteristic dish of Hanoi cuisine

There are many varieties of bun cha across Vietnam, but the Hanoi version is still held in high esteem.

Vietnamese food: Noodles with duck

Duck meat is popular all over the world. In Vietnam not only you can enjoy the delicious grilled-duck dish, but also try it with noodles. 

Vietnamese food: Sweet popiah

A sweet and crunchy afternoon snack many Vietnamese adults have grown up eating.

Chef aspires to bring Vietnamese cuisine to the world

Ton Ngoc Hiep, who already opened 10 Vietnamese “pho” (noodle soup) restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is planning to bring the brand to the UK and the US.

Vietnamese food: Duck fried with garlic

Ngan (Siamese duck) is deep-fried with garlic then served with a special homemade sauce.

Hanoi-style crab noodle soup

This specialty of Hanoi has plenty of versions which combine special ingredients such as fertilized duck egg, beef and stir-fried snail, to name but a few. However, the version with fertilized duck egg may give an interesting gastronomy experience.

Khuc Pie: A gift from Hanoi’s rural area

The fragrance of steaming khuc pie will live forever as one of most potent childhood memories of Hanoian.