vietnamese dish among top 35 world s tastiest dumplings picture 1
Bánh bột lọc is named among top 35 world’s tastiest dumplings by CNN

According to CNN, when cooked the tapioca flour becomes clear, giving the dumpling its appearance, while the wrapper has a chewy texture.

“There are two major variants, those which are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed, and those which are boiled,” it noted.

The US news site revealed that the dish originates from Hue in the central region of Vietnam where tapioca dumplings are typically eaten as appetizers or small snacks.

Rounding off the list of the top 35 tastiest dumplings was Xiaolongbao of China, Manti of China, Mandu of the Republic of Korea, Pelmeni of Russia, Empanada of Argentina, Ravioli of Italy, and Bryndzové halušky of Slovakia.

Earlier, CNN also released its list of the world’s 20 best soups, including Beef pho (Phở bò) of Vietnam.