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Sauce is a staple of almost every dish in Vietnam. A Vietnamese meal without particular sauce is considered incomplete.

Why are Vietnamese dishes favourites with foreigners?

The cuisine found in the northern region of Vietnam has been hailed by many international media outlets such as Cable News Network (CNN) and the World Records Union (WorldKings) of the United States for their uniqueness and delicacies.

A family meal: eating culture of Vietnamese

Eating is not only to survive but also a culture. A family meal shows he traditional culture of the people and the region.

Arousing the taste buds

Rich in vegetables, rice and seafood, Hanoian speciates have incorporated Cambodia and Thai influences into style that is distinctively its own.

Banh gio, softest rice dough dumpling

Banh gio (rice dough dumpling with minced pork and wood ear mushrooms inside) is favoured as a breakfast dish and as an after-school supper dish for children.

New unique Banh Chung attracts diners

The new delicious creations of Banh Chung or Vietnamese traditional cake for Tet has won the hearts of culinary connoisseurs.

A feast worthy of the name

Our entire lifestyle news desk went out to Bat Trang recently, not for its famed pottery but to try the much-hyped “Bat Trang feast” from culinary artisan Nguyen Thi Lam.

Local delicacies introduced to hotel guests

The best flavours of local cuisine are being offered at five-star hotels in HCM City as part of a programme to promote Vietnamese dishes to local and foreign visitors.

Social distancing turns Hanoians into top chefs

After wasting a lot of flour, eggs butter, sugar and other ingredients, as well as time, Ngo Kim Dung has finally become a successful baker.

Vietnam's mooncake

Bought yours yet? Given a mooncake to the one you love? Mooncakes are the tradition sweet food to eat this time of year during Mid-Autumn Festival. And there's lots of flavours to choose from.

Eel dishes

They're slippy and they're slimy, but they are delicious, especially when cooked by Hanoi's eel expert. He even insists only using eels from his hometown and has them delivered 300 miles everyday!

Australian MasterChef shares his cooking philosophy

Adam Liaw works as a cook, writer and TV presenter in Sydney. He took part in the Taste of Australia 2019 programme in Hanoi on June 1-3, where he gave a cooking demonstration to some restaurants in Hanoi and to KOTO.

Vietnam promotes culture at Mexican fair

Vietnamese culture has dazzled thousands of visitors at the International Friendly Cultures Fair which is taking place in Mexico City from May 31 to June 16.

Exciting but challenging: the life of a professional chef

Instead of an “air-conditioned office” job, many young people these days are pursuing a culinary career.

Foreigners active in food and beverage startups

VietNamNet Bridge - An American sells roast meat, others sell high-end chocolate, and a Singaporean sells frog porridge. 

When it gets cold in Hanoi, banh gio cravings arise

 VietNamNet Bridge – Among the myriad Vietnamese dishes made with rice, be it main courses, side-dishes or snacks that are meals in themselves, the softest gluey texture belongs to the banh gio

Brand ambassador spreads the love for Vietnamese cuisine

As an icon of Viet Nam’s culinary scene, celebrity chef Phan Ton Tinh Hai has been selected to be the brand ambassador for Big Bowl, a pho-based restaurant chain. Inspired by her mother, one of the successors of royal Hue cuisine, 

Whet your appetite at the International Food Fest

 VietNamNet Bridge – There will be 200 booths featuring delicacies from Viet Nam and other countries at the International Food Fest 2017, to be held in Ha Noi from April 7 to 9.

Harking back to the 70s in a quiet alley

 VietNamNet Bridge – Authentic southern Vietnamese preparations delight the palate at a HCM City restaurant ruled by family recipe.

Spaniard inspired by VN ceramics

VietNamNet Bridge – Viet Nam’s long tradition of ceramics has inspired many expats living here. Spain’s Leandro Marcelino is one among them, who not only understands clearly the different genres of ancient ceramics in the country