The cover of KURROCK's debut album, entitled 'KURROCK: VƯỢT', to be released on June 30. Photo courtesy of KURROCK

According to band leader Nguyễn Hữu Mạnh Khôi, aka KJO, KURROCK: VƯỢT includes 12 tracks, each of which will feature a distinctive colour and share a common theme surrounding the emotions of Vietnamese people living far from their homeland, facing numerous challenges and obstacles, but ultimately overcoming them with determination and resilience.

“KURROCK's music resonates with the audience's emotions. Tracks like Vượt (Surpassing) and Chí (Frontier) have powerful melodies and tight arrangements that provide inspiration and strength for those facing difficult journeys. Mộng (Dream) has a lively, youthful beat, while Xanh (Green) evokes gentle, nostalgic feelings of youth, and Thoát (Escape) captures intense, fiery emotions,” he said.

In terms of music and lyrics, KURROCK remains loyal to the Vietnamese-Japanese theme by alternating between the two languages and integrating traditional instruments from both countries into their music, such as Japan’s shakuhachi bamboo flute, koto, shamisen, and Việt Nam’s cồng chiêng (gong) and khèn (panpipe).

In their debut album, KURROCK collaborates with Vietnamese singer Lâm and rapper KraziNoyze, introducing a fresh new sound to previously released singles. KURROCK: VƯỢT will be available on various platforms, including Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, iTunes, and Tidal.

“The release of our debut album KURROCK: VƯỢT in Japan marks a significant milestone for the band and the entire team, reflecting our tireless efforts and dedication. In Japan, when an artist releases an album independently without being affiliated with a recording company or a Japanese label, it is considered a major debut in the market. This achievement represents an important step forward for KURROCK in the Japanese-Vietnamese music industry in the future,” KJO said.

A new lineup

As the first Vietnamese rock band in Japan, KURROCK has increasingly earned favour among both Vietnamese and Japanese rock fans for their talent and unique style.

With the support of musician Nguyễn Dân who has been collaborating with the band since their first single, they have been able to complete their debut album and take their first steps into the professional music industry in Japan.

The release of KURROCK: VƯỢT also marks the end of the band's first chapter, in which the band included six members.

Starting from next month, KURROCK will debut a new lineup consisting of five members, including three Vietnamese and two Japanese, including Sang (bass), KJO (guitar), Remi (vocals), TroK (vocals), and Daisuke (drums).

KURROCK members from left to right Sang (bass), KJO (guitar), Remi (vocals), TroK (vocals), and Daisuke (drums)

“With the new lineup, KURROCK will return to the music scene with live performances at stages in the heart of Tokyo. We will participate in events commemorating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Việt Nam and Japan, including a concert as part of the Vietnam Festival Xin chào! Saitama (Hello! Saitama),” said KJO.

“We will also join other major music events both in and outside of Japan, such as the Vietnam Live Concert held in Tokyo, where we will perform alongside other popular artists like Chillies, Bảo Trâm Idol, and singer Hồ Trung Dũng.” VNS