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POSITIVE MESSAGE - Rapper and musician Đen Vâu releases new single Nhạc Của Rừng (Melody of the Forest) conveying a message of environmental protection. Still photo taken from video

Rapper and musician Đen Vâu sends his message of environmental protection through his newly-released single Nhạc Của Rừng (Melody of the Forest), featuring singer Hiền VK.

The single opens with joyful melody and lyrics from the song Nhạc Rừng (Forest Melody), composed by Hoàng Việt in 1953, which is familiar with many generations of students.

Its rap lyrics convey a message of the importance of forests and nature, as well as encouraging people, especially the youth, to plant more trees to develop the forests.

Its simple but bold melody inspires listeners to love and protect nature.

The 35-year-old rapper told local media that, “a small but practical action from every individual will contribute to environmental protection. Let’s plant more trees to make our living space green. I think protecting the environment means saving our lives.”   

The video for the single was filmed in Cát Tiên National Park in Đồng Nai Province, which was recognised as a World Biosphere Reserved Zone by UNESCO in 2001.

The music video has earned more than 11 million views on YouTube since it was released on March 4.

Trần Nguyễn Minh Anh of Đồng Nai Province said: “The song conveys a nice and beautiful message. Let’s act together to save our environment and nature.”

Rapper Đen, whose real name is Nguyễn Đức Cường, was born in the northern province of Quảng Ninh.

He rose to fame after winning Favourite Song Voted by the Audience award at the Việt Nam Television’s music show Bài Hát Việt (Vietnamese songs) in 2011 with the song Cây Bàng (The Indian Almond Tree).

Some of his videos have entered the YouTube Việt Nam trending list, such as Đưa Nhau Đi Trốn (Go Hiding Together), Đi Về Nhà (Going Home), and Nấu Ăn Cho Em (Cooking for You).

Đen won the Music Video of the Year for Đi Về Nhà (Going Home) at the Cống Hiến (Devotion) Awards given by the Thể Thao – Văn Hoá (Sports – Culture) Newspaper in 2021.

The rapper brought home the Mai Vàng (Golden Ochna) Awards, given by the Người Lao Động (Labourer) Newspaper early this year, for favourite singer with his single Nấu Ăn Cho Em.

The single’s MV was filmed in Mường Chà District in the northern province of Điện Biên where the rapper and his friends have collaborated to build a boarding school and cook lunches for local ethnic children. It garnered more than four million views only after four days of its release.

All of the profits from this song have been spent on building schools and supporting disadvantaged children in Điện Biên.

Đen also won the 2024 Mai Vàng Awards for artist of the community.


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COMEBACK KID - Singer Bích Phương comes back to the music industry with a new single Nâng Chén Tiêu Sầu (Drown Your Sorrows) after a two-year absence. Photo courtesy of Bonghoaday Entertainment

Singer Bích Phương came back to the music industry with a new single Nâng Chén Tiêu Sầu (Drown Your Sorrows) after a two-year absence.

The single is composed by Tăng Duy Tân and music producer Drum7. The duo created numerous hits in recent years such as Bên Trên Tầng Lầu (On the Top Floor), Bật Tình Yêu Lên (Turn up the Love), and Cắt Đôi Nỗi Sầu (Divide Grief).

The song has a catchy melody with lyrics about the journey of a woman seeking ways to escape from her relationship.

Its music video portrays a strong woman who dares to let go of the past and move forward, inspired by Kill Bill, an American martial arts film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

The MV is directed by young filmmaker Phương Vũ, founder of AntiAntiArt, who produces viral videos such as the 2022 In-flight Safety Video for Vietnam Airlines, and Nấu Ăn Cho Em for Đen Vâu.

Phương said that for this comeback, she wants to introduce herself, her “inner child”, and her maturity in music to audiences after a long break to review her life and the industry.

The MV has attracted more than 5.6 million views on YouTube when it was released on March 8. It currently ranks second on the YouTube Việt Nam trending list.

Phương became well-known after placing in the top seven of Việt Nam Idol in 2010, a Vietnamese version of the American Idol show.

In 2017, she amazed all her fans when performing Bao Giờ Lấy Chồng (When Will You Get Married?) composed by Huỳnh Hiền Năng. The song’s title is a question that single Vietnamese women frequently hear when returning home for Tết.

Phương later collaborated with songwriter and musician Tiên Cookie to release hits Bùa Yêu (Love Charm), which brought her first Devotion Award for MV of the Year in 2019, and Đi Đu Đưa Đi (Let’s Go).

The month of March also saw new products by rapper Suboi with Dâu Thiên Hạ (People Pleaser), and singer Hoàng Tôn with Say (Drunk). The MVs are available on YouTube. – VNS