vietnamese pho bo among world s 10 best rated soups with beef picture 1

The beef-based version of the local delicacy ranked second in the list with 4.6 out of five points.

According to details given by the magazine, the dish is prepared with assorted cuts and parts of beef and the stock is made from beef bones, shank, ox tail, and neck.

It revealed that the toppings include thinly sliced fatty brisket (gầu), flank, eye-round steak, tripe, cooked and raw beef (tái nạm), tendon (gân), or beef balls (phở bò viên).

“Beef pho is usually flavored with dried spices such as cinnamon, star anise, cloves, cardamom, and coriander. The dish is served piping hot in a bowl along with rice noodles, and it's typically topped with cilantro, sliced onions, and chopped green onions,” the food website noted.

Earlier, the food website also named Pho among a list of the 100 most popular dishes in the world thanks to its unique flavours and elegant simplicity.

Rounding off the list of the best rated soups with beef were Sopa Criolla of Peru, Soto Betawi of Indonesia, Húsleves and Gulyás of Hungary, Beef Noodle Soup of Taiwan (China), Sinigang of the Philippines, and Rawon of Indonesia.

Source: VOV