The cover of 'Ngũ Sắc Ánh Sáng' (5 Sights of Light), a poetry collection by five Vietnamese poems. It has been published in by Ukiyoto Publishing House. Photo courtesy of the publisher

The collection is released through the publisher's channel, Amazon and Google Play as e-books.

The five writers are members of the Hanoi Female Translators Group, also known as Hong Ha Women's Group, established in 2020. They include writer-poet Kieu Bich Hau, poet Do Mai Hoa, writer-poet Khanh Phuong, poet Vo Thi Mai, and writer-poet Pham Van Anh. All of them can write in both Vietnamese and English.

5 Sights of Light has been published on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the group's establishment.

Out of 120 poems included in the collection, about 24 works were written in English and the rest were in Vietnamese and then translated into English.

Written in the past five years, each of the poems in 5 Sights of Light is an appraisal of the love of life, love of people, pride in the country and the people of Vietnam.  

Poet Tran Quang Dao likened the collection to a colourful bouquet of flowers crystallised in the form of art, delicacy and romance.

"Spectacular and glamour, it seems to be both near and far, here and there, inviting us to admire and discover more," he said.

The poet added: “This vibrant flower bouquet of light is presented through poetry by five souls full of life and energy filled with the love for human and life. Is it why the light shone from them turning into the Coriolis effect, the spin of the Earth that comes into play and create special sublimation.”

The print version of the poetry collection could be purchased at 

Source: Vietnam News