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E-visa policy facilitates foreigners travelling to Vietnam

The list of international border gates allowing foreigners to enter and exit with electronic visas include 13 air, 16 land, and 13 sea border gates.

Visa procedures now more open, but still cause difficulties for travel firms

In a dialogue with city leaders, travel firms in HCM City said the visa policy has become more open but problems still exist: it’s difficult to apply for visas on the website, and lending interest rates remain too high.

VN changes visa policy, aims to attract 8 million travelers in 2023

Travel firms say they are ready to meet travelers’ requirements, including tailoring tours to specific tastes.

Travel firms race to attract foreign tourists with new visa law

VNAT deputy head Ha Van Sieu stressed that international tourism is expected to grow sharply from now till the end of this year, mainly thanks to relaxed visa and immigration policies.

33 per cent search surge reported following 90-day e-visa reinstatement

Internet searches for accommodation in Vietnam on an online travel platform surge after the National Assembly’s recent reinstatement of 90-day visas for Vietnam-bound travelers.

EuroCham proposes inclusion of EU members on Vietnam's visa exemption list

The European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham) has submitted a letter to Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh proposing the expansion of the country’s visitor visa exemption list to include all 27 EU member states.

8 million foreign travelers expected for 2023

The encouraging results in attracting foreign travelers in the first six months of the year have lifted the spirit of travel firms, with expectations high to reach 8 million foreign travelers for 2023.

Visa policy loosened, Vietnam eager to welcome arrivals

Vietnam wants to become a luxury tourism market to receive high-spending and long-staying travelers. The new visa policy is the first step to help Vietnam receive new sources of travelers.

Three-month tourist visas: a welcome return to a double-edged sword

The return of three-month tourist visas makes it much easier for unscrupulous companies to hire foreigners illegally without going through the necessary work permit and visa motions.

Vietnam an ideal destination for retiree expats once visa policy eased

Some international reports and websites have listed VN among the countries that are friendly to retiree expats for its affordability, however, those who want to retire here are being hampered because of challenges they need to overcome to get a visa.

VN hoped to welcome 12mil. foreign tourists this year thanks to new visa policy

Vietnam’s new visa policy may help the country welcome 12 million foreign tourists this year, far surpassing the target of 8 million set previously, said Hoang Nhan Chinh, Secretariat Director of the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board (TAB).

New visa policies will boost tourism: insiders

From August 15, people with Vietnamese e-visas can enter and exit the country any number of times within 90 days, a long-awaited and major overhaul of the country’s visa system that is expected to revive tourism and hospitality.

E-visa extension to 90 days expected to lure more foreign tourists to Vietnam

The number of foreign visitors to Vietnam is predicted to see a 1.5-fold increase following the extension of tourist e-visas from 30 to 90 days from August 15, according to insiders.

Vietnam approves extending e-visas to 90 days

The National Assembly on April 24 approved extending tourist e-visas from 30 to 90 days, starting from August 15, 2023, at its ongoing fifth session.

Vietnam considers giving visa waiver for golf tourists

Tourism experts have recommended allowing a unilateral visa waiver for 30 days for golf tourists and tourists travelers on special airplanes.

Industry insiders anticipate tourism boost as 90-day visa brought to NA meeting

Will Vietnam's tourism see a boost soon? Industry insiders are optimistic about future prospects as the Government weighs up a 90-day e-visa to gain a competitive edge as a leading tourism destination.

Visa policy: still not easy to apply for e-visa

Vietnam has vowed to reform its visa policy as it believes this is the key to attract more foreign travelers to Vietnam. However, some problems still exist.

Outbound tourism to Japan soars, but number of Japanese tourists to VN low

As one of three leading inbound tourism markets for Vietnam, the number of Japanese travelers has been increasing very slowly. By contrast, the number of Vietnamese travelers to Japan has soared, especially during cherry blossom time.

Travel firms look forward to ‘revolution’ in immigration procedures

After much anticipation, the government has agreed on expanding the list of countries subject to visa waiver and extending the duration of stay for international tourists.

Visa extension proposal to help boost Vietnam's tourism

The Government has agreed to propose to the National Assembly some new policies relating to the immigration, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam, including one on a visa extension to 90 days.