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Because of unprecedented difficulties, Thailand may be outstripped by Vietnam in rice exports this year, but this may only be for the short term.

Vietnam’s rice exports to Philippines up, but farmers aren’t happy

Rice exports to the Philippines have increased sharply as the country has lifted quotas since the beginning of the year. However, Vietnamese farmers have not received big benefits.

National rice brand available, but still cannot be used

Vietnam Rice, the national rice brand, was made public in late 2018. However, no export company has been given the right to use the brand.

Vietnamese rice makes name in world market

In 2018, Vietnam’s total rice exports reached 6.15 million tonnes, with export turnover of 3.15 billion USD. The industry saw a 5.7 percent increase in volume and a 19.6 percent increase in value compared to 2017. 

Vietnam shifts to export high-quality rice

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is trying to re-position itself as an exporter of high-quality rice instead of low-quality white rice. 

Vietnamese prefer Thailand’s expensive rice to Vietnam’s cheap rice

VietNamNet Bridge - Instead of buying Vietnam’s rice at just VND10,000 per kilo, Vietnamese are willing to pay higher to buy rice from Thailand or Japan.

VN amends legal documents to remove barrier to rice exports

VietNamNet Bridge - Decree 109 dated in 2010, described as a significant barrier to rice exports, will be amended by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT). 

$20,000 for a rice export license - fact or fiction?

VietNamNet Bridge - Rice exporters complain they have to satisfy many requirements and pay under-the-table money to obtain a license to export rice.

Vietnam vows to develop national rice brand

VietNamNet Bridge - The government has approved a plan to develop a national rice brand by 2020, aiming to improve marketing capability and competitiveness.

Vietnam’s rice exports see record low in 2016

VietNamNet Bridge - Contrary to optimistic forecasts given earlier this year, rice exports have plunged recently. The total export volume would be less than 5 million tons in 2016, a record low since 2009.

When Chinese get involved in Cambodia's rice strategy

VietNamNet Bridge - China's plan to get involved in Cambodia's rice development strategy is a bad sign for Vietnam.

Vietnam mulls future plans: rice or fruit exports?

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts have called on Vietnamese leaders to rethink whether Vietnam should become a big rice exporter or fruit export power.

Gov't aims to lift agricultural exports

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is seeking to create measures to tackle falling exports of major farm products, to assure it reaches its goal of US$30 billion in export revenues of the agro-forestry-fishery sector for 2016.

Vietnam aims to export high-end, quality rice

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts have urged changing the rice export strategy: instead of growing high-yield rice and exporting rice in large quantities, it should focus on exporting high-quality products at high prices and building a national brand.


16,000 firms suspend operations in first two months of 2015; Vinafood 1 massive divestment wave; New uniforms for Vietnam Airlines meet mixed reception; Thousands of abandoned containers clog Vietnam ports

Vietnam adds one more rice seller to highly concentrated markets

The government has decided that Vinafood 1, together with Vinafood 2, will be the two leads to conduct negotiations and make direct transactions with highly concentrated rice markets (where there are few exporters of rice).

Deputy Minister denies claims of rice deal bribery

 VietNamNet Bridge – Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Ha Cong Tuan has denied an allegation that the Viet Nam Southern Food Corporation bribed to a Filipino official to win a contract to sell 800,000 tonnes of rice.

Vinafood 2 vindicated in rice export deal but still facing misfortune

Despite accusations that Vinafood 2 bribed Filipino officials in exchange for the right to export 800,000 tons of rice to the Philippines, no proof has yet been offered. The watchdog agency has affirmed that Vinafood 2 is innocent of any wrongdoing.

Vinafood 2 denies kickback allegation in Philippine rice contract

 Vietnam Southern Food Corporation (Vinafood 2) has rejected a news report that the firm had bribed a Filipino official to win a government-to-government rice export contract in April.