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Vietnam’s visa policy should be more open to lure international tourists, insiders have said.

Vietnam to soon issue policy on visas for foreign tourists

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will coordinate with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to complete plans on tourism resumption and devise a policy on visas for foreign tourists.

Foreign Ministry announces changes in RoK’s visa policy

Amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Korean Government has decided to suspend the validity of short-term visa for foreigners, irrespective of countries and territories, starting from 00:00 am on April 13.

Vietnam ranks second in number of guest workers in Japan

Vietnam now ranks second in the number of employees working in Japan, according to the latest statistics of Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Vietnam vows to lure super-rich travelers

What super-luxury travelers need are satisfaction and difference. If Vietnam can provide these factors, it will be able to attract billionaire travelers, some experts believe.

Travel firms fear visa policy will discourage foreign travelers

Vietnam’s competitiveness in the tourism sector has improved significantly, but many travellers are unhappy about the visa policy.

South Korea tightens policy on five-year multi-entry visas for Vietnamese citizens

South Korea has decided to stop granting five-year visas to Vietnamese who are not permanent residents of Hanoi, Danang and HCM City.


Vietnamese rush to travel South Korea as tour prices drop

South Korea’s loosened visa policy and sharp tour fee decreases have prompted Vietnamese to register for tours to the country.

Strict visa policy limits tourist arrivals

VietNamNet Bridge - Visa waivers are used by many countries to attract tourists, but Vietnam has chosen to  pursue a strict visa policy.

Travel firms want open visa policy to lure tourists

‘Kong: Skull Island’, an American film with many scenes shot in Vietnam, to open in cinemas on March 10, is expected to bring a golden opportunity to Vietnam to attract travelers and develop the tourism industry.

New US visa policy worries Vietnamese travelers

VietNamNet Bridge - The new US visa policy will have adverse effects on Vietnamese students and travelers who want to go to the US, experts have warned.

More Vietnamese tourists expected to visit Japan

 VietNamNet Bridge – Many travel firms are awaiting the Embassy of Japan to announce the list of firms singled out to enjoy the loosened visa policy intended to lure more Vietnamese tourists.