VietNamNet Bridge - The best moneymakers in Vietnam saw their assets in business and investment activities in 2016 increase to very high levels.

The richest billionaires

Trinh Van Quyet, chair of FLC, a big real estate development firm, saw his asset value increase by 70 times. 

In early 2016, Quyet, with 69.5 million FLC shares, had the total asset value of VND450 billion. 

By September 1, Quyet had had 93 million FLC shares. When the price of the share reached the highest peak of VND8,000 per share, his assets increased to VND744 billion. With the modest assets, the businessman was not found in the list of top 10 stock billionaires at that moment.

The best moneymakers in Vietnam saw their assets in business and investment activities in 2016 increase to very high levels.
HIs 179.7 million ROS shares were listed on the bourse on September 1, 2016. At the first trading session, with the price of VND12,600 per share, ROS raised Quyet’s total assets to VND2.961 trillion.

As the ROS price galloped, which climbed to VND86,300 per share after two months, Quyet’s asset value soared to VND24.856 trillion, or over $1 billion.

ROS price once reached the peak of VND124,000 per share, with which Quyet’s stock assets were worth VND35.308 trillion.

By December 23, 2016, with 114.2 million FLC and 279.56 million ROS, Quyet’s assets had reached VND31.366 trillion, or 70 times higher than earlier this year.

Pham Nhat Vuong, the first Vietnamese dollar billionaire, the richest stock billionaire in 2015, saw his assets increasing by over VND5 trillion in 2016.

At the beginning of 2016, Vuong, president of Vingroup, with 532.4 million VIC shares and the price of VND47,500 per share, had VND25.289 trillion in stock assets.

By December 23, 2016, Vuong, with 724 million VIC shares, had VND30.483 trillion in stock assets, though the VIC price decreased to VND42,100 per share.

Tran Dinh Long, who is believed to be the third richest businessman, has his stock assets far behind the two billionaires.

Long now holds 184.3 million HPG shares, i.e. he has VND7.917 trillion (HPG shares were traded at VND42,950 per share on December 23). As such, Long’s assets have increased by VND2.608 trillion compared with early 2016.

At the first trading session of 2016, which took place on January 4, HPG was traded at VND28,800 per share and Long then had VND5.309 trillion.

Hoa Phat, the group owned by Long, is the leading steel manufacturer in Vietnam.

Like Quyet, Do Huu Ha, chair of Hoang Huy Investment & Service JSC, was not listed among the richest stock billionaires in early 2016.

At that time, Ha only had VND60 billion in stock assets thanks to the 4.3 million HHS shares he held.

Ha has been added to the top 10 when Hoang Huy Company listed 363 million shares on the bourse. By December 23, Huy had VND2.6 trillion.


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