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Terra Wood eyes $400 million renewable energy projects in Vietnam

 Ho Chi Minh City-based Terra Wood is planning to develop two renewable energy plants in the central province of Quang Ngai to tap into the local wind and solar resources.

Wind power still unattractive to investors in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Wind-power projects, which require high investment capital, remain unpopular as EVN pays a low rate for electrical power. 

Why wind power has yet to soar

 VietNamNet Bridge – Wind power is a potential source of renewable energy in Vietnam, but few projects have succeeded in tapping into it. Chris Beaufait, President of Vestas Asia Pacific & China, recalls that he was amazed

Domestic investors want to sell wind power at 17 cents per kwh

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese investors say they can only make a profit if windpower is bought at more than 17 US cents per kwh by 2015. But foreign investors have not shown interest in such purchases.


Authorities mitigate impact of falling oil price to State budget; EU supports enforcing Competition Law; Tra fish exporters adapt to tougher markets; Vietsovpetro fulfils yearly plan; PM approves Licogi’s equitization plan

Wind power leader sees potential in Viet Nam

 The world's leading wind energy company Vestas Wind Systems from Denmark yesterday said that it saw huge potential for windpower development in Viet Nam and promised to help the country make wind a sustainable energy solution.

Germany aids wind power zoning in Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Government has approved a zoning plan worth 3.7 million euros (US$4.8 million) for wind power development in Vietnam, with 3.6 million euros of the amount to be granted by the German government.

First storm strikes East Sea this year

 VietNamNet Bridge – According to the Central Hydro-meteorological Forecasting Centre, a tropical depression in the East Sea has strengthened becoming the first storm of the year.

The “wind power movement” receives serious setback

 VietNamNet Bridge – Only three out of the total 48 registered wind power projects have become operational so far. There has been not the slightest commotion about the others.

Wind power investors insist on UScent13.5/kwh floor price

 VietNamNet Bridge – The government has been warned that it would fail to implement the wind power development strategy if it does not raise the buy price to UScent12-13.5 per kwh.

Ninh Thuan annuls huge wind power project

 VietNamNet Bridge – The $700 million Phuoc Huu wind power project in the central province of Ninh Thuan will be revoked after four years of delay.

Wind power makes things difficult for swallows

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam keeps a big worry about the impacts of the wind power on the environment, especially when the areas most potential for wind power development are the habitat of the precious salanganes.

Government tries to unknot pricing problem in wind power projects

 VietNamNet Bridge – The low selling prices that the government set for wind power cannot encourage the investment in the renewable power sector.

Biomass power price likely at 5.6 U.S. cents per kWh

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam Electricity Group will purchase electricity from biomass power projects at the price of VND1,170 per kWh or 5.6 U.S. cents exclusive of VAT and is adjusted based on foreign exchange rate.

Electricity cut, the businesses’ obsession, has returned

The electricity outage occurring in all the southern provinces some days ago and the electricity cuts in the first month of summer has made businesses worried stiff.

Wind power in Vietnam: three problems may shrink investors back

The Bac Lieu wind power project has succeeded. However, this does not mean that the problems have all been settled. And they would still be the hindrance to the other wind power projects in the future.

How should the mechanism on wind power pricing policy be?

Experts all have agreed that it’s necessary to offer big investment incentives to encourage investors to pour money into wind power projects, but they still have not agreed on how big the preferences should be.

Vietnam turns its wind power dream into reality

On May 29, the Bac Lieu wind power plant began providing electricity to the national grid from the 10 turbines with the total capacity of 16 MW. The Vietnamese wind power dream has become realistic.

Wind power plants in Binh Thuan still awaiting capital

Sixteen wind power projects are expected to be developed in the central province of Binh Thuan, where there is a profuse wind source and favorable conditions for wind power plant development.

Vietnamese feel insecure with hydropower plants

While other governments in the world reconsider hydropower plant development strategies and the world’s big organizations do not fund hydropower projects any more, Vietnam still cherishes a keen desire to develop hydropower.