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Road building threatening special-use forests

VietNamNet Bridge - Following hydropower plants and water reservoirs, road projects now threaten natural sanctuaries and special-use forests (SUF).

Vietnamese billionaires’ daughters, sons born in Year of Monkey

VietNamNet Bridge - The following daughters and sons of billionaires were born in the year of the monkey. 

Who will be learning Korean?

VietNamNet Bridge - Many parents said they fear their children would be overloaded if they have to learn both English and Korean.

Local authorities vow to build road that ‘pokes at the heart of Con Dao Island’

VietNamNet Bridge - A road, which would ‘poke at the heart of Con Dao Island’, which faced strong opposition from the public 10 years ago, is about to be built.

Scientists blame Tan Rai bauxite pipeline crack on Chinese technology

The problem at Tan Rai bauxite pipeline lies in the technology and the low-quality of the pipeline. This is why it broke down four years after the factory opened.

10 big real estate developers report inventory volume worth $3 billion

VietNamNet Bridge - The inventory level in the real estate market continues to increase even though the market has warmed up.

Garment firms busy with many orders, expect to reach target for year

VietNamNet Bridge - Most garment companies report that they have orders until the end of the second quarter, while some companies said they have enough jobs for the entire year.

Young Vietnamese thinkers and their records

VietNamNet Bridge - The great achievements made by Vietnamese young people have been recognized by the world.