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Bancassurance becomes crucial growth driver for banks in Vietnam

Bancassurance income is set to have much potential to grow both at sector-wide and individual bank level, according to a brokerage.

JP Morgan expects high growth and profitability from Vietnamese banks

It is a rare combination where Vietnamese banks are growing fast and are quite profitable, said an expert at JP Morgan.

JP Morgan names risks related to investments in Vietnamese banks

Vietnamese banks belong to a handful of examples that combine well two factors of high growth of profit and long-term stability.

Local banks need to build on 1H results

Local banks posted notable results in the first half but a good second half is not a given.

Bad debt handling to be audited

The handling of bad debt among credit institutions would be audited this year in order to formulate recommendations for effectively implementing a National Assembly resolution, according to the State Audit Office of Viet Nam (SAV).


Vietnam’s banking sector eyed by foreign investors

VietNamNet Bridge - Analysts say the banking sector will attract huge foreign capital in 2019 as banks need to call for more capital.

Payment for public services: gold mine for banks

VietNamNet Bridge - Money collection services have brought big money to commercial banks. 

‘Hot seats’ at banks change hands

VietNamNet Bridge - Big changes in key personnel at banks have occurred recently, though they have not always been made public.

Top-tier banks overthrown, junior banks rise up

VietNamNet Bridge - VP Bank and Techcombank have had impressive profits, leaving Military Bank, which once was a leader, far behind. 

How are Vietnamese businesses performing in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese conglomerates have been expanding business by stepping up investments in neighboring markets. However, the path has not been a bed of roses.

Vietnam banks see more withdrawals of foreign shareholders

The lack of a common voice among managers, the changes in business strategies, and the weak role on the board of directors are some of the reasons foreign shareholders have left Vietnamese banks.

10 commercial banks sprint to enter bourse by year-end

VietNamNet Bridge - Banks are rushing to list shares on the stock market by the year-end.

How is the once ‘powerful trio’ of banks doing now?

VietNamNet Bridge - ACB, Sacombank and Eximbank, the three most influential banks in the south, like MB and Techcombank in the north, are encountering serious difficulties.

The empty promises of banks: plans to list still on paper

VietNamNet Bridge - Many years have elapsed but the number of banks listing shares on the bourse remains unchanged. 

Opening of more foreign banks puts pressure on domestic banks

VietNamNet Bridge - The increased demand for capital and bank services has attracted more foreign banks to Vietnam, which is putting pressure on domestic bankers.

How are the tycoons in mogul Kien’s bank case faring?

VietNamNet Bridge - Three years have elapsed since the day Kien and many other bankers were charged with swindling. Some of them have fulfilled their judgment execution and returned to business. However, there still exist unsettled debts.

Banks still unsure about listing shares on bourse

VietNamNet Bridge - Many banks began preparing to list shares on the bourse for many years, urged by the State Bank (SBV). But no further progress has been made.

Will there be a breakup at ACB?

VietNamNet Bridge - Sources say Standard Chartered Bank, a big foreign shareholder of the Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), is considering leaving ACB.

Nepotism at Vietnam's banks

VietNamNet Bridge - Many commercial banks in Vietnam are controlled by families. The concentration of power could be a danger if the owners abuse the power.

Former banking tycoon's 30-yr jail sentence upheld

 The 30-year jail term awarded six months ago to Nguyen Duc Kien, former Vice Chairman of the Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) Founding Council, was upheld by the Ha Noi Court of Appeals yesterday.