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Hanoi ranked as world’s fourth most air-polluted city

The Vietnamese capital ranked fourth among the top 100 worst air-polluted cities in the world on November 28, according to data released by Switzerland-based air quality monitor IQAir AirVisual.

Hanoi struggles with severe air pollution

The air quality in the capital on November 22 exceeded the red-warning level, reaching purple, meaning that the air quality of the local atmosphere has reached a very unhealthy level for local residents.

Authorities to inspect dust mitigation measures at Long Thanh airport

Dong Nai's Department of Natural Resources and Environment has announced that it will inspect the investor of Long Thanh International Airport - Airports Corporation of Việt Nam in handling the dust pollution during the construction of the project.

ACV fined for causing air pollution at Long Thanh Airport’s construction site

The Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) has been fined VND270 million (US$11,250) for causing air pollution around Long Thanh Airport’s construction site.

Dong Nai farmers lose harvest due to Long Thanh Airport red dust

Farmers in Dong Nai province are facing the risks of a failed harvest due to red dust pollution from the construction site of the mega project Long Thanh International Airport.

Hanoi makes efforts to reduce air pollution

Air quality monitored at road-side stations, or so-called air quality from traffic, is worse than air quality in residential areas.

ACV asked to reduce dust at Long Thanh airport project

The execution of the Long Thanh airport project has led to the massive spread of red soil dust, impacting the nearby residential areas, reported the local media.

Northern Vietnam struggles with air pollution

Many localities in the northern region of Vietnam are facing severe air pollution, posing health risks for people.

Habit of burning straw persists in Hanoi’s suburban areas

The burning of rice straw after harvesting in Hanoi's suburban districts not only causes air pollution and harm to human health, but also hinders traffic.

Hanoi struggles with severe air pollution

Hanoi is experiencing serious air pollution which has been forecasted to worsen in the days to come.

Two-thirds of Hanoi's air pollution comes from outside the city

According to a World Bank Vietnam study, urban pollution emitters only account for one-third of the total pollution sources.

Air pollution in Hanoi ’very unhealthy’

People should wear face masks that can help protect users from fine particulate matter (PM2.5).

HCMC’s fine dust, noise pollution levels surpass safety limits

Health experts have raised an alarm as HCMC’s noise and fine dust pollution exceeds safety thresholds and threatens to cause respiratory ailments and hearing loss, as well as worsens background diseases.

Severe air pollution in Hanoi to last until at least this weekend

Severe air pollution in the capital city is forecast to linger until at least this weekend, leaving much of the city clouded in smog.

Burning garbage in Hanoi threatens residents' health, property

There have been consecutive fires caused by people's poor awareness, who were burning garbage and straw in residential areas, causing fires recently in Hanoi.

Hanoi builds a roadmap for evaluating motorcycle emissions

Hanoi plans to limit motorcycles failing to meet emission standards in certain areas and consider charging vehicles for their emissions.

Hanoi to assess motorbike emissions from 2024

Hanoi would organize yearly emission evaluation trials for motorbikes that have been used for at least five years starting from 2024 in a bid to protect air quality and restrict motorbikes.

Hanoi checks motorbike emissions, prevents people from burning straw on fields

According to the Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA), air pollution in large cities is increasing with the harvesting season as straw is left on the field and burnt in the evening.

PM2.5 pollution still problematic across Vietnam

Though the average PM2.5 concentration improved slightly in 2020, all provinces and cities in Vietnam still had much higher levels than the WHO’s recommendation, according to data revealed at a workshop held virtually on Tuesday.

Recalling of outdated vehicles in Vietnam faces obstacles

Regulations on recalling outdated motorbikes took effect on January 1, 2018 under Decision No. 16 of the Prime Minister, but the recalling of outdated vehicles remains a “mission impossible”.