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Dust and smoke from production workshops in Hanoi and neighboring provinces are one of the reasons behind the serious air pollution in the capital city.

Hanoi authorities attempt to address air pollution

Hanoi People's Committee Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung signed Directive 19 on December 25 asking related agencies to quickly deal with air pollution and let pupils stay home on bad air days. 


Capital citizens in a fog over fight against air pollution

Late on Saturday, the Ministry of Health, for the first time, released a list of 14 recommendations for coping with air pollution.

Old vehicles in HCMC to be removed to address air pollution

HCMC is mapping out a plan to control vehicle emissions on a trial basis from January 2020, aiming to terminate old transport vehicles to reduce air pollution in the city.


Hanoi resumes use of water trucks to wash away dust

Hanoi mayor Nguyen Duc Chung has asked local bodies to bring back water trucks to wash the streets with a view to reducing air pollution nearly three years after their suspension, VnExpress reported.


Coal-fired power blamed for poor air quality: experts

Experts have accused coal-fired power plants of causing air pollution in Hanoi, noting that they are emitting fine dust during operations. But operators of such plants have rejected the claim, according to local media.

Demand for charging stations causes jam in EV advancement

As air pollution in big cities passes far beyond acceptable limits, the interest in electric vehicles is rising. 

Vietnam looks for solutions for air pollution

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has been assigned to look for solutions for environmental problem especially air pollution.


Major causes of air pollution in HCMC, Hanoi determined

Gas emissions from vehicles, exhaust from factories and industries and air pollutants from construction sites were identified as the three main causes of the deteriorating air quality in HCMC and Hanoi at an urgent meeting on air pollution yesterday.

Hanoi chairman instructs drastic measures against air pollution

Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung has called for a range of measures to ease the current severe air pollution.


Hanoi vows to eliminate honeycomb charcoal stoves

The image of honeycomb charcoal stoves is common on many streets in Hanoi, from big streets to narrow alleys. However, it is the "silent assassin" that pollutes the air and seriously affects human health.

Vietnam seeks to reduce air pollution

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has written to the Government Office and the relevant ministries and agencies, inviting them to a meeting to seek solutions to the air pollution in large cities, especially Hanoi and HCMC.


Are Vietnamese 'tolerating' pollution better than other countries?

That is a question posed by experts in the context of the high air pollution concentration in Vietnam.

Air quality worsens as thick haze descends on Hanoi

Residents in the capital city are showing their mounting concern about the poor quality of air that has hit the capital over the past few days.

Hanoi residents advised to limit outdoor activities amid severe air pollution

As air pollution in the capital city of Hanoi has reached alarming levels over the past week, the Ministry of Health has issued scores of recommendations for residents to alleviate the effects of poor air quality on their health.

Increase in air monitoring frequency in HCM City proposed

The HCM City Department of Natural Resources and Environment has proposed local authorities to raise the frequency of air monitoring.

Poor air quality in northern Vietnam

Independent air quality tracker AirVisual reported a higher index in some areas in Hanoi at 198 early on Monday.

Hanoians continue air pollution solution search

Many people in Hanoi are buying air purifiers to cope with rising air pollution.


Hanoians worried as air quality has become poor year-round

The air quality in the last six days of November was poor, with the index exceeding the permitted levels.

HCM City needs new policy to reduce air pollution

Experts think that HCM City authorities need to apply a special policy under Resolution 54 to amend existing policies to better manage quality of the air.