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Participants at a recent conference in Hanoi called for smarter energy choices, given the impacts of coal power generation on air quality and air pollution’s influence on human health.

Discussion urges smarter energy choices for sake of human health

A discussion in Hanoi on February 25 called for smarter energy choices, given the impacts of coal power generation on air quality and air pollution’s influence on human health.

Are the estimates about air pollution's effects on the economy reliable?

The conclusion that economic losses caused by air pollution could be up to 5 percent of GDP has raised controversy.

Hanoi to build 70 more air monitoring stations this year

Hanoi will complete a system of 81 air quality monitoring stations by the end of this year, said Director of the municipal Department of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Trong Dong on February 5.

VN advised to seek private sector resources for pollution prevention

The government needs to seek help from the private sector to deal with the pollution problem, experts have urged.

How high is the environmental cost?

Vietnam has reported high GDP growth rate of 7.02 percent for 2019, which was created mostly by industrial production and the construction and service sectors.

Coal-fired thermopower may kill aquaculture in Mekong Delta

Aquaculture is one of the economic pillars and important livelihoods of the Mekong Delta. However, it is threatened by coal-fired thermopower plants.

Air pollution may lead to 5% GDP decrease for Vietnam: foreign investors

Vietnam has been warned that serious air pollution will affect economic growth in the long term, and lead to foreign investment decline.

HCM City continues battling air pollution

HCM City has faced severe air pollution over the past week with a high index of PM2.5.

HCMC sees decline in air quality

The quality of air in HCMC is worsening due to emissions from the rising number of vehicles on the roads as the Lunar New Year holiday, or Tet, approaches, Thanh Nien newspaper reported.


HCMC to inspect motorbike emissions

HCMC plans to examine emissions from motorcycles on a trial basis this month as part of a broader plan to remove aging vehicles from the road to reduce air pollution in the city.


Air pollution costs Vietnam at least $10.8 billion each year

Vietnam suffers around 10.8 – 13.2 billion USD worth of economic losses associated with ambient air pollution each year, equivalent to 4.45 – 5.64 percent of the country’s GDP, heard a discussion in Hanoi on January 14.

2019: oil contaminates water, fire destroys forest, mercury leaks

2019 was a bad year for the environment with a series of incidents, including water contamination, forest fires and factory fires.

Air quality monitor equipment at schools seeks to raise students’ awareness of pollution

Students of Thanh Đa Secondary School in HCM City’s Bình Thạnh District have greater awareness of air pollution and measures to prevent it after an air quality index monitor was installed in the school a few months ago.


Hanoi alone won’t be able to mitigate air pollution

Mitigating air pollution in Hanoi is a difficult task as pollutants are spread out in the air with no boundaries. Hanoi alone won’t be able to fulfill the task, scientists say.

Air pollution in Hanoi is worse on days with easterly winds

The emission sources outside Hanoi make up two-thirds of PM2.5 fine dust concentrations in Hanoi, according to a survey released in October 2018 on quantifying pollution sources.

Air pollution alarming, electric motorbike market heats up

People have been advised to restrict outdoors exercise, close windows and doors, and wear protective masks to protect themselves from PM2.5 fine dust.

Air pollution warnings upset students’ schedules

Hanoi parents are concerned about the notice that their children will not go to school on days of serious pollution.

Dump site fire chokes Dalat

Many areas in the Central Highlands city of Dalat are being polluted by a fire at a local rubbish dump site.

HCMC to take steps to cope with air pollution

As air pollution has engulfed HCMC, the municipal Department of Transport is set to adopt multiple energy-efficient solutions in early 2020, including the launch of bike rental services, to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.