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Air quality in Hanoi has worsened over recent days after an improvement thanks to recent good weather.


Air pollution control to be enhanced

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has been compiling a directive of urban air pollution control which is set to be issued in August.


HCM City takes steps to reduce vehicle emissions

Ho Chi Minh City is carrying out multiple methods and programmes to reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions in its aim to create a "clean, green and beautiful" city.

Hanoi speeds up to end use of coal stoves

The number of coal stoves in Hanoi has reduced by 72.8% to 15,000 stoves after three years.

HCM City covered in smog as pollution worsens

HCM City faced serious air pollution on the morning of July 1 as the city was covered in a thick layer of smog.

HCM City left gloomy amid heightened levels of air pollution

Air quality in HCM City worsened once again on the morning of June 26 with the air quality index (AQI) rising to 161, a level which is considered to be harmful to people’s health, following an evaluation of monitoring application AirVisual.

Water quality in Vietnam's rivers varies by region

The water quality in the upper courses of the major river systems is good, but in urban areas or areas with many sources of waste, more polluted water exists.

Quang Ninh thermal power plant accused of causing air pollution

Quang Ninh Province People's Committee was asked to investigate the case where many households accuse a local thermal plant of causing air pollution.

Vietnamese Govt considers fee for domestic waste treatment by volume

If the draft law is approved, people will pay a waste collection and treatment fee based on the amount of waste they produce.


Hanoi ranked world's most polluted city on Sunday

Hanoi became the world’s most polluted city according to a ranking by IQ AirVisual on Sunday.

WB approves credit to support Vietnam's effective policymaking for climate action

The World Bank Board of Executive Directors on June 5 approved a US$84.4 million IDA credit to support multi-sectoral policy reforms by the Government of Vietnam to promote climate-resilient landscapes and green transport and energy systems.

Hanoi and major cities see better air quality in May

The air quality of major Vietnamese cities in May was better than in previous months, with a significant improvement in the capital of Hanoi, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Vietnam eyes tackling transport pollution

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has proposed support policies to encourage environmentally-friendly means of transport which run on electric engines and use renewable fuels.

Environment Ministry proposes promoting eco-friendly vehicles

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has proposed launching support policies and preferential programs for the use of vehicles powered by renewable energy to ease air pollution, according to a report the ministry has sent to the PM.

Vietnamese scientist offers new research method to study effects of air pollution

A research work on the presence of phthalates in indoor air in northern provinces has been nominated for the 2020 Ta Quang Buu Award.

VN environment directorate general wants modern air monitoring systems

Investment in automatic air monitoring systems should be a high priority, Hoang Duong Tung, chair of the Vietnam Clean Air Network, has said.

Air pollution improves in Hanoi as people stay at home, practice social distancing

The social distancing policy has minimized emission activities, improving the air quality in Hanoi. However, the activities in the neighborhoods and surrounding provinces still show certain effects on air quality.

Air and noise pollution problems persist in north VN

The Department of Environment has announced six locations facing serious pollution in the north.

More automatic air quality monitoring stations to be built nationwide

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) held a teleconference on March 23 to discuss a project on forming a network of air quality monitoring stations in Vietnam.

Comprehensive solutions needed to safely eliminate traditional lime kilns in Vietnam

Feasible solutions were needed to eliminate traditional lime kilns while satisfying national lime demand, the Vietnam Foundry and Metallurgy Science and Technology Association has said.