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Revenue of unlicensed games on par with licensed games in Vietnam

It is estimated that licensed games bring revenue of $325 million to game firms and distributors.

When will iPhone 12 arrive in Vietnam?

Because of Covid-19, iPhone 12 won’t arrive on the same day as the international launch, as it has in previous years, dealers say.

Future Apple Store may fail to bite into retailers

Rumours of Apple setting up a manufacturing base and opening its first Apple Store in Vietnam have sent consumers into frenzy, but local tech retailers and parallel importers do not seem particularly worried

iPhone X will no longer be distributed officially in Vietnam

The 2-year old iPhoneX sells well in the used iPhone market, but brand new products will no longer be distributed officially in Vietnam.

iPhone 11 Pro not favored in Vietnam

Some private shops have stopped selling iPhone 11 Pro, though the model is considered higher in grade than iPhone 11 and has the same configuration and camera as iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iPhone 11 64gb price drops in Vietnam

A locked iPhone 11 is now being offered at VND12.6 million for the 64 GB version and an international version at VND18.5 million.

iPhone 11s from different sources now available in Vietnam

Buyers who want an iPhone 11s can choose either products imported to Vietnam through unofficial ways or locked products. Officially distributed products will not be available until the end of October.

Locked iPhone 11 Pro Max available in Vietnam and in high demand

Locked iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 GB is offered at VND21.9 million, half of the price of international version.

IPhone 11 sell date in Vietnam still unknown

Vietnam is one of Apple’s fastest growing markets, but Apple still hasn't listed Vietnam among the markets where new-generation iPhones will hit soon.

Trouble in other markets may prompt Apple to consider Vietnam

While iPhone sales falling in many markets, leading to a sharp drop in Apple share prices, sales have continued to go well in Vietnam.

Apple’s presence in Vietnam to bring opportunities, challenges

VietNamNet Bridge - If Apple considers Vietnam an important market in the future, it is very likely to set up stores, and if so, sales agents will be able to buy iPhones and iPads directly from Apple Vietnam instead of importing from Apple Singapore.

Still no Apple store in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - The number of shops trading Apple imports through official and unofficial channels has mushroomed in Vietnam. However, no Apple store has opened in Vietnam.

Will Apple set up a legal entity in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - Apple is reportedly following administrative procedures to set up a business in Vietnam. Opinions from well-informed circles say Apple has been working in Vietnam for about one year and has nearly 100 workers.