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Vietnam carrying out transport transformation to reduce emissions

Road transport makes up 85 percent of total emissions, an overwhelming proportion over other segments.

HCM City pollution blamed on thermo-power plants, vehicle emissions

The coal-fired power plants in the region are believed to be a main contributor to the increased pollution in HCM City.

Why is air quality in Vietnam's big cities getting worse?

The air quality in large urban areas, especially Hanoi, has been rated poor or even dangerous recently.

Vietnam lacks data for research to fight air pollution

There are three ‘pillars’ for air quality management, including data from emission sources, air monitoring data, and assessments about the human impact. Vietnam lacks data about all three.

Air quality forecasts are limited due to lack of monitoring stations

Though air pollution has worsened in Hanoi and HCM City, air quality forecasts are insufficient because of a lack of monitoring stations.

Is Hanoi the second most polluted city in Southeast Asia?

Asked if Hanoi is one of the two most polluted cities in Southeast Asia, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and the Environment Le Tuan Dinh said there was no convincing proof.

Red alarm on air quality: will Hanoi become another Beijing?

VietNamNet Bridge - If Hanoi doesn’t take action now to improve the air quality, it will face serious air pollution problems in the future that now plague Beijing, experts say.

Electric motorbikes or cars? What will Vietnamese use?

Cars are the preference of many Vietnamese, but they remain too expensive in the country, with high taxes and prices among the highest in the world.

Motorbike ban in inner-city areas in Hanoi, HCM City proposed

VietNamNet Bridge - Hanoi and HCM City are considering prohibiting motorbikes from entering inner city areas.

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry warns about air pollution level in Hanoi

The air pollution in Hanoi is getting more serious, partly due to emissions from coal-fired power and cement plants located in Hai Phong and Quang Ninh.

Pollution and noise torment urbanites

VietNamNet Bridge - Scientists and physicians have released new reports about air pollution in HCMC, warning that air quality is worsening.

Hanoi vows to cut number of private vehicles to ease pollution

VietNamNet Bridge - Environmental experts say 70 percent of the volume of exhaust gas emitted into the environment comes from transport vehicles.