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VietNamNet Bridge - Only foreign-invested automobile manufacturers can benefit from the current investment incentives, while Vietnamese automobile cannot grow, experts say.

Offered incentives, auto industry sees light at end of tunnel

VietNamNet Bridge - The government has once again offered investment incentives to automobile manufacturers, but analysts still doubt Vietnam can build its own automobile industry. 

Vietnam dreams of developing auto industry, with Russia’s support

VietNamNet Bridge - Russia once helped Vietnam manufacture weapons and now may transfer automobile technology to Vietnam, experts say.

Despite tax hike, Vietnam still attractive to foreign auto manufacturers

VietNamNet Bridge - While complaining about difficulties, foreign automobile manufacturers still could reap fruit in 2015. Despite big problems, they still want to cooperate with Vietnam’s automobile industry.

Vietnam puts high hopes on Russia to fulfill ‘automobile dream’

VietNamNet Bridge - If Russia and Belarus focus on making low-cost trucks, they will find firm positions in the Vietnamese market.

Hope for car price reductions by 2018 dashed

VietNamNet Bridge - Under the latest version of the draft luxury tax law, cars will not be priced lower before 2018. 

What can Vietnam expect from Toyota’s localization program?

Experts said that Vietnam can take full advantage of Japanese auto manufacturers’ support and Vietnamese businesses could, as a result, become second-class car part suppliers to Toyota and other foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs).

Auto assembling industry to no longer receive preferences

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Finance (MOF) believes that policies on giving preferences to the automobile industry must be removed because they did not help develop the industry in the last two decades.

Transport Ministry sells Vinamotor, auto industry’s fate in doubt

Vietnam has never given up its automobile dream, even though it has failed to implement an auto industry strategy in the last two decades.

Will foreign investors leave because the domestic market is too small?

VietNamNet Bridge - Some foreign investors have warned that they may leave Vietnam because of unfavorable conditions to do business. However, Vietnamese businesses and analysts believe they will stay in the country.

TPP will be ‘light at the end of tunnel’ for Vietnam’s automobile industry: expert

VietNamNet Bridge - The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) brings a ray of hope to the Vietnam’s automobile industry.

MOF slashes auto part import tariffs to protect local production

Citing local production protection, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) wants to ease the import tariffs on automobile parts. However, the move could 'fatten’ foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) only, while local manufacturers will not see benefits.

MOF continues to cherish Vietnam’s automobile dream

While experts remain pessimistic about Vietnam’s automobile industry, pointing out that its great efforts in the last several decades have been in vain, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) still puts high hopes on the industry’s development.

MOF changes taxation method, raising concern about car price hike

VietNamNet Bridge - Car importers have unanimously opposed the Ministry of Finance’s (MOF) plan to apply a new luxury tax method.

Luxury tax adjustment to pave way for low-cost cars

VietNamNet Bridge - Low-cost cars with low cylinder capacity are expected to flow to Vietnam thanks to an advantageous luxury tax.

MOIT takes actions to continue dream of Vietnam auto industry

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) will offer investment incentives to auto manufacturers in an effort to continue the development of the country's automobile industry. 

Auto manufacturers ask for more tax incentives

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Finance (MOF) is considering cutting the corporate income tax as a way to encourage the domestic automobile industry. However, manufacturers still say the promised tax incentives are not attractive.

Vietnam still tries to develop automobile industry

VietNamNet Bridge - The government of Vietnam does not intend to give up the dream of developing an automobile industry, even though it has failed to do so in the last two decades.

Car makers at the crossroads

More than 17,920 cars were sold in Viet Nam in May, which were fewer than the month before, but still higher than the same period last year.

Changing tax calculation method, MOF cuts two trees with one saw

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has decided to change the method of calculating a luxury tax on car imports, striving to support the development of the domestic automobile industry and increase state budget revenue from tax collection.