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Instead of distributing Nissan products, Tan Chong Motor will assemble, import and distribute Chinese cars in the Vietnamese market.

EVFTA could bring more luxury cars to Vietnam

Under the EVFTA, Vietnam will open its market to imports from EU with the preferential tariff of zero percent.

Vietnamese told not to expect high-end cars to become cheaper

Asked about the import tariff on luxury cars from Europe after the EVFTA takes effect, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) said the competitiveness of EU sourced cars would improve.

Two paths for Vietnam's automobile industry

There are two clear investment tendencies in the automobile industry. First, becoming the leading assembling center in Southeast Asia, and second, buying technologies and making automobiles for export.

Thai manufactured 3 million cars in 20 years, Vietnam assembled 250,000

Twenty years ago, five large automobile manufacturers asked Vietnam to open the automobile market. But the proposal was refused.

Low-cost Vietnamese-made cars hit the market

When VinFast, a Vietnamnese automobile manufacturer, announced the plan to make Premium (Pre), or a low-cost product line, many Vietnamese hoped they would be able to buy cars at reasonable prices in the near future.

Vietnam reconsiders luxury tax to lower car production costs

VietNamNet Bridge - If the luxury tax on domestically made car parts is removed, production costs could be considerably lower and the low-cost car dreams would be within reach.

Cheap Chinese automobiles not welcome in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - The General Department of Customs (GDC) reported that 86 Chinese-made cars with fewer than nine seats arrived in Vietnam this month.

Three big players vie for status in Vietnam’s automobile market

VietNamNet Bridge - In the first six months of 2018, three big players – Hyundai, Toyota and Truong Hai – held three-quarters of the fewer-than-9-seat car market share.

Import cars arrive, but only from Thailand, Indonesia

Only Thailand and Indonesia have adjusted their regulations to satisfy Vietnam’s requirements to export cars to Vietnam. Imports from other countries still cannot meet the requirements stipulated in Decree 116.

Foreign automakers switch to trading as Vietnamese scale up production

While foreign-invested manufacturers have shifted to importing cars for domestic sale, Vietnamese enterprises have increased investments and expanded production, vowing to develop a domestic automobile industry.

Could tungsten mines be the springboard for Vietnam’s auto industry?

Increasing the localization ratio and reducing production costs are vital issues for Vietnam’s automobile industry. As Vietnam is one of the worlds’s largest tungsten producers, it could be material that could help revive the auto industry. 

The new turn of the automobile industry

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnamese automobile market is expected to have an unpredictable year following an unsatisfactory 2017.

Gov’t regulation offers golden opportunity for local auto production

Under a new decree, used auto imports will have no way to enter Vietnam because of high tariffs and strict requirements on maintenance services, creating a golden opportunity for domestic automobile manufacturers.

New policy encourages CBU car imports, rather than assembling

Automobile joint ventures believe the policy will encourage them to import CBU cars instead of assembling cars domestically. 

Ministry drafts auto part tax cut

The Ministry of Finance plans to cut import taxes on auto parts, in line with the World Trade Organisation’s rules.

Car market to see changes with new regulations

The domestic market will open more widely to foreign cars as enterprises now will not be required to submit as many documents as they did before, as stipulated in Circular No 20/2011.

The back-up plan of domestic automobile manufacturers

Contrary to all predictions, automobile manufacturers have set modest targets for this year’s business plans. After a two-year boom, the automobile market is expected to be more quiet in 2017.

Vietnamese crazy about cars, manufacturers rush to sell

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign investors can see great auto sales opportunities in the Vietnamese market. Billions of dollars have been spent to develop car distribution networks instead of manufacturing.

Will locally assembled Kamaz trucks dislodge Chinese products from VN?

VietNamNet Bridge - Kamaz has announced it will continue assembling trucks in Vietnam, a move which may help dislodge Chinese trucks from the Vietnamese market.