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Could tungsten mines be the springboard for Vietnam’s auto industry?

Increasing the localization ratio and reducing production costs are vital issues for Vietnam’s automobile industry. As Vietnam is one of the worlds’s largest tungsten producers, it could be material that could help revive the auto industry. 

The new turn of the automobile industry

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnamese automobile market is expected to have an unpredictable year following an unsatisfactory 2017.

Gov’t regulation offers golden opportunity for local auto production

Under a new decree, used auto imports will have no way to enter Vietnam because of high tariffs and strict requirements on maintenance services, creating a golden opportunity for domestic automobile manufacturers.

New policy encourages CBU car imports, rather than assembling

Automobile joint ventures believe the policy will encourage them to import CBU cars instead of assembling cars domestically. 

Ministry drafts auto part tax cut

The Ministry of Finance plans to cut import taxes on auto parts, in line with the World Trade Organisation’s rules.

Car market to see changes with new regulations

The domestic market will open more widely to foreign cars as enterprises now will not be required to submit as many documents as they did before, as stipulated in Circular No 20/2011.

The back-up plan of domestic automobile manufacturers

Contrary to all predictions, automobile manufacturers have set modest targets for this year’s business plans. After a two-year boom, the automobile market is expected to be more quiet in 2017.

Vietnamese crazy about cars, manufacturers rush to sell

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign investors can see great auto sales opportunities in the Vietnamese market. Billions of dollars have been spent to develop car distribution networks instead of manufacturing.

Will locally assembled Kamaz trucks dislodge Chinese products from VN?

VietNamNet Bridge - Kamaz has announced it will continue assembling trucks in Vietnam, a move which may help dislodge Chinese trucks from the Vietnamese market.

Is a high localization ratio reasonable for Vietnam’s auto industry?

Despite failure in developing an auto industry in the last two decades, Vietnam still dreams of building an industry of its own. 

Vietnam works with Russia to realize ‘low-cost’ car dream

VietNamNet Bridge - Automobile joint ventures between Russia, Belarus and Vietnam are expected to be set up soon.

Russian cars enter Vietnam, slow sales predicted

VietNamNet Bridge - Four UAZ models will be available in Vietnam, including Patriot, pickup, offroad Hunter and another commercial vehicle model. However, most Vietnamese have shown little interest in the news.

Cheap Indian cars may not be able to enter market

VietNamNet Bridge - Indian car manufacturers may find it hard to enter the Vietnamese market because of a new decree. 

One barrier removed, another imposed on car importers

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Transport (MOT) is compiling a legal document which will replace the controversial Circular 20, which bars small automobile importers from entering the market.

Most Vietnamese opt for fuel-efficient autos

Nearly 70% of Vietnamese who joined a recent survey of carmaker Ford said fuel efficiency is more important than capacity when they decide to buy cars.

Domestic technologies not attractive to Vietnamese businesses

VietNamNet Bridge - The State budget every year funnels big money into national scientific research projects, but discoveries by scientists seem to have little significance in the eyes of businesses.

Vietnamese small auto market brings big profits to car manufacturers

VietNamNet Bridge - Automobile manufacturers complain that the Vietnamese market is too small, but they continue to make profits on the small market.

Chinese, Thai manufacturers eye Vietnamese tire market

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese tire manufacturers now can benefit from a drop in natural rubber prices but they have to compete fiercely with Chinese and Thai colleagues.

“Vietnam wants to become No 1, but…”

Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, who took office as the new Chair of the National Assembly, has admitted the failure of the plan on developing Vietnam into an industrialized country which marches towards modernization.

Russian cars returning to ‘promising land’

Vietnam, a large market with high population and a developing economy, which is part of the vast 600 million people AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) market, is a ‘promising land’ for Russian automobile manufacturers.