Update news BPhone

BKAV Electronics, a subsidiary of BKAV, will stop operation and merge with the holding company. However, BKAV said this won’t affect the group’s plan to develop smartphones.

Vietnam’s smartphone brands take different paths on their journey to world market

Mobiistar, Vsmart and Bphone in recent years have been trying to enter the world market, but their stories and results have varied.

BKAV’s CEO: BPhone is being 'attacked' by foreign brands

Nguyen Tu Quang, CEO of Bach Khoa Corporation (BKAV), the manufacturer of BPhone, said BPhone is being attacked by ‘people who receive money from foreign brands’.

Time for Vietnamese smartphone brands to conquer home market

After a lot of failed efforts, Vietnam’s smartphone products now have a great opportunity to return to the market.

Made-in-Vietnam Bphone failed to get Google's certification

BKAV's smartphone Bphone B86 failed to reach Google's Play Protect certificate due to Google's demand that at least a million devices be sold each year.

Latest versions of Made-in-Vietnam Bphone launched

Bkav Technology Group officially launched their latest series of Bphones in Hanoi on May 10, including the Bphone B40, B60, B86, and B86s models, the latest high-end smartphones which have been locally produced by the company.

Will Chinese low-cost smartphones in Vietnam lose market share?

Analysts believe that an agreement between Viettel, a mobile network operator, and Vsmart, a mobile phone manufacturer, could drive Chinese smartphones into a corner.

Low-cost smartphones – a new strategy of Vsmart?

With reasonable selling prices and Vietnamese brand, Vsmart’s products are capable of dislodging Chinese brands from the Vietnamese market.

Vietnamese have only two choices for high-end smartphones

Apple and Samsung are now controlling the high-end smartphone market segments. Other brands have disappeared.

Mid-tier smartphone competition heats up

The competition in the mid-end smartphone market segment is the most cutthroat, with the Galaxy A50 the trump card for Samsung to beat rivals.

Vietnamese-made smartphone market sees progress

VietNamNet Bridge - 2018 was an eventful year for Vietnam’s mobile phone manufacturing industry. 

How many local parts are in Vietnamese branded smartphones?

VietNamNet Bridge - Nguyen Tu Quang, CEO of BKAV, the manufacturer of BPhone, said making phones is like making pho (a traditional dish of Vietnam). 

Smartphone market: new brands heat up race

VietNamNet Bridge - Lesser known and new smartphone brands have been making every effort to increase their presence in Vietnam. However, analysts believe they are not strong enough to change the market.

Vietnamese still entertain ambition of making mobile phones

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese businesses are still pursuing ambitious plans to make mobile phones and compete with foreign giants in the home market. 

BPhone 3 says ‘no’ to Chinese chip

Technology fans were excited to see the images of BPhone 3, or the third-generation BPhone, a made-in-Vietnam product, appearing on 2018 World Cup ads.

What’s the future for Vietnamese-made smartphones?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese spend billions of dollars on smartphones, but they don’t spend money on locally branded products. 

Facebook users have low awareness about info security: experts

Though Vietnamese users’ awareness about information security has improved, they remain vulnerable when using Facebook, according to BKAV Corporation’s vice president Ngo Tuan Anh.

BKAV vows to make big investments, launches new BPhones in mid-2018

BKAV Corporation has delayed its plan to launch a new generation of BPhone models until mid-year when a series of versions for different market segments will be introduced.

Vietnamese-made BPhone 2 struggles for success

BPhone 2 was introduced by BKAV Corporation on August 8 and officially hit the market on August 19 with the retail price of nearly VND10 million. Just one month later, used BPhone 2s were being offered for less than VND8 million.

BPhone, VinFast: the varying success of Vietnamese brands

The Vietnamese attitude towards BPhone, a mobile phone brand from BKAV, and VinFast, an automobile brand from Vingroup, are quite different, though both are Vietnamese products.