Nguyen Tu Quang, the founder of BKAV

BKAV Electronics updated its operation status as “dissolution is in progress” at the national information portal on business registrations. 

On the website of the General Department of Taxation (GDT), on  May 5, information about BKAV Electronics changed to “taxpayer has stopped operation but has not fulfilled the procedures to close tax codes”.

BKAV Electronics is a subsidiary of BKAV and its legal representative is Tran Viet Hai, who is Deputy President of BKAV.

The company was established on November 11, 2020 and its major business field is making communication devices. Its initial charter capital is VND90 billion. BKAV Electronics is the manufacturer of well-known BPhones.

A representative of BKAV confirmed the dissolution of BKAV Electronics with VietNamNet, saying that the company has stopped operation and it is following procedures as required by law to be dissolved.

BKAV Electronics was established under a plan to split the smartphone manufacturing division from the operation of BKAV. However, BKAV has rethought its plan.

Asked if the dissolution has any relations with BKAV Hardware Solution (BHS) which has just been established, the representative said these are two fields which have no relation. BHS is a company specializing in hardware services, while BKAV Electronics specializes in smartphones and smarthomes.

He said that BKAV will continue manufacturing the BPhone, which Nguyen Tu Quang, the founder of BKAV, poured his heart and soul into.

According to BKAV, new BPhone models, including BPhone A40, A50 and A60 have been welcomed by users thanks to prices. BKAV is preparing for the launch of its first 5G model Bphone A85 in the time to come.

BKAV will maintain two BPhone series. Of these, the A series will be made under ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) in order to optimize production costs, while the B series will be made under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and target the high-end market. Users can tell the difference between the two series based on the names of BPhone models.

Regarding the newly set up company BKAV Hardware Solution, it will specialize in providing research, development and manufacturing of electronic products.

Its products are technological solutions in many fields, including mobile devices, AIoT, automotive and network devices. BHS also develops SOM (System on Module) packaged as a set of solutions.

The services provided by BHS include ODM, OEM and consultancy, with the packaged services from concept to design to product manufacturing.

Trong Dat