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210 million mobile phones made in Vietnam in 2022, 50% sold to China, US

The 2022 import-export report released by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) in late April showed that Vietnam produced 210.5 million mobile phones last year, a 9.1 percent decrease compared with 2021.

Retailers slash prices on low-priced smartphones

The consumption of low- and mid-end smartphones has dropped by 50 percent compared with the same period last year, causing difficulties in cash flow for retailers.

Older-generation iPhones are selling well as iPhone 14 deliveries are delayed

As there is a shortage of iPhone 14 models, many people have decided to buy older-generation iPhones.

iPhone prices escalate on exchange rate fluctuations

The price for iPhone products in Vietnam increased over the past week after the rise of the VND/USD exchange rate (over VND24,800/US$1), even for old models.

Technology-product retailers open new shops

Cellphone S, FPT Shop, Shop Dunk and Di Dong Viet are rushing to open new stores in the year-end sale season.

BKAV Electronics is dissolved, still makes BPhones

BKAV Electronics, a subsidiary of BKAV, will stop operation and merge with the holding company. However, BKAV said this won’t affect the group’s plan to develop smartphones.

New Vietnamese smartphone to be released soon

Vietnam will soon have another home-grown manufacturer entering the highly competitive smartphone marke.

Vietnam has nearly 93 million smartphone subscribers

According to data from the Ministry of Information and Communications, the number of mobile subscribers in 2021 is estimated at 123.76 million, including 92.88 million smartphone subscribers, accounting for about 75%.

BKAV introduces low-cost Bphone A40, A50 and A60

The three products are priced between VND4.5 million and VND6.5 million, affordable for most consumers.

iPhone13 prices plummet just after two months

Two months after hitting the domestic market, iPhone 13 smartphones hand carried from Singapore and Hong Kong have seen prices drop dramatically by VND10 million, while officially distributed Apple phone products have fallen by VND5 million.

Officially distributed iPhone 13 in Vietnam priced from VND21.99 million

The price for iPhone 13 will be from 24.99 million VND ($1,085), iPhone 13 Pro from 30.99 million VND ($1,345).

Vietnamese customers can now place orders to buy iPhone 13

Some retail systems have allowed customers to place orders for iPhone 13, although the model has not been officially launched.

Feature phones in Vietnam may fall in usage by 70% next year

Under the impact of the regulation to stop importing 2G and 3G phones from July 1, 2021, the number of 2G feature phones is anticipated to decrease by 70% by 2022.

Vietnam smartphone use in top 10 globally

According to a survey by Statista, about 61.3 million smartphones are in use in Vietnam. The country is among the top 10 countries with the highest number of smartphones.

Tech-product shopping behavior changed by Covid-19

Business reports for the first four months of 2021 of Mobile World (MWG), the leading retail chain of technology products in Vietnam, clearly showed the impact of the pandemic on customer demand.

Vietnamese smartphone usage spent mostly on Facebook

In 2020, Vietnamese spent 25% of their time on smartphones surfing Facebook and 12% of their time watching YouTube.

Vietnam’s smartphone brands take different paths on their journey to world market

Mobiistar, Vsmart and Bphone in recent years have been trying to enter the world market, but their stories and results have varied.

Is Xiaomi setting up an assembly factory in Vietnam?

Xiaomi Vietnam has not issued a comment on the news reported by some local press agencies that it is building an assembly factory in Vietnam.

Failing to take over division of South Korean firm, billionaire works with US partner

Vietnam’s dollar billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong did not succeed with his plan to take over LG’s smartphone production division in Vietnam and Brazil, but has taken new moves in the US market.

iPhone 12 in high demand, dealers earn big money

Vietnam is clearly a market with great potential for Apple. Even the next-generation models with high prices such as iPhone 12 are selling well.