VietNamNet cập nhật các thông tin xoay quanh các dự án, ứng dụng, game sử dụng công nghệ nền tảng Blockchain mới nhất hiện nay.

With the blockchain market showing signs of recovery and the amount of capital increasing sharply in recent weeks globally, investors are now more confident in seeking out stronger connections to move forward.

Vietnam to become leader in global blockchain industry

Huy Nguyen, vice chairman of the Vietnam Blockchain Association, said Vietnam has become an emerging market for blockchain thanks to its achievement in digital transformation and digital economy.

Blockchain industry faces talent shortage

A lack of human resources in the booming blockchain industry is one of the biggest problems in developing blockchain projects in the country.

Blockchain will be ‘technological tsunami’

Chief Technology Officer of FPT Vu Anh Tu says that Blockchain will be used in many areas of life.

Blockchain games boom, millions of dollars poured into startups

More and more blockchain game projects have attracted foreign capital. Vietnamese startups have lured tens of million of dollars for each capital call.

Blockchain – a new technology for the country’s digital economy

Vietnam is not only an exciting market for the application of Blockchain technology in the digital era, but also one of the leading countries in encouraging research and application of new technology in everyday life.

Lack of blockchain training obstructing real progress

The lack of curriculum and well-trained blockchain training facilities has forced businesses in the field to take on the role of recruitment and training at the same time.

Foundations set for blockchain

Vietnam’s blockchain market is expected to flourish in the months to come, driven by recent new moves supporting the long-awaited building of a legal framework and high growth potential.

Vietnam Blockchain Union officially debuts

The Vietnam Blockchain Union (VBN) debuted on May 17 with the aim of connecting the local blockchain community to state management agencies to develop legal frameworks for the technology and to accelerate the development of VN's digital economy.

The blockchain newcomers playing towards the next level

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT) – these are terms that are now widely discussed in every major economic sector, including in the entertainment and video game industry.

Vietnamese projects impress foreign blockchain community

Coin98 Finance, Thetan Arena and other Vietnamese blockchain projects made a strong impression on the international community at the event recently held in Dubai.

Blockchain application is being used for NFT, digital currency

Blockchain application in Vietnam is now being used into many fields.

Vietnamese game Axie hacked for more than $600 million

As many as 173,600 Ethereum and 25.5 million dollars have been withdrawn from Axie Infinity’s system. With that scale, this is one of the most serious attacks in the history of the cryptocurrency industry.

Barriers in blockchain application in Viet Nam

The blockchain community in Viet Nam has grown strongly in the past five years. However, its application is still limited

Positive signs for blockchain in Vietnam

Coinbase and Binance pouring capital into Vietnam’s GameFi and DeFi projects is a positive sign for Vietnam's blockchain sector.

Vietnamese startup cooperates with world-leading Blockchain

Poriverse – Vietnam’s metaverse game startup - has announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with Polygon Studios, a branch of Polygon (MATIC), one of the world's leading Blockchain platforms.

Vietnam’s Axie Infinity still dominates NFT market

Among Blockchain games, Axie Infinity is still the most searched NFT project for in the past month, with 3.86 million searches, according to Design Bundles report.

Local start-up launches Blockchain Meta Universe ecosystem

A group of products including an e-wallet, a launchpad and game projects is about to be launched by a Vietnamese startup.

Vietnamese’s ownership of NFTs higher than that of Americans, Singaporeans

In 2021, financial news site Finder released a survey on the ownership and interest in NFTs of people around the world, including Vietnam. Vietnam is in a group with the highest ownership rate of NFTs among the surveyed economies.

Top Vietnamese rappers ready to join Blockchain

The top three rappers in Vietnam, LK, Datmaniac and B Ray, have joined the blockchain world. In addition, many other big names in the Vietnamese music industry have negotiated with partners to release NFTs in the near future.