VietNamNet cập nhật các thông tin xoay quanh các dự án, ứng dụng, game sử dụng công nghệ nền tảng Blockchain mới nhất hiện nay.

Blockchain usage could increase value of farm produce

Vietnam’s farm produce has uneven quality and information about products lacks transparency, which hinders exports from entering the high-end market segment.

Vietnam prepares workforce in blockchain to grasp multi-billion dollar chance

The blockchain industry has been increasing with two-digit growth rates over the last decade. Staff will be the key to the development of the digital economy.

Promoting blockchain applications is crucial in education: experts

Hoang Van Huay, former deputy minister of Science and Technology and chairman of the Vietnam Blockchain Association, emphasised the importance of promoting blockchain applications in universities and educational institutes.

Local authorities pilot program using blockchain in e-government

Da Nang has consulted with many experts and placed orders with many companies, but has not received advice about an application domain for blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology proposed for use in journalism

Blockchain can be used in many stages of the process of operating a digital editorial office, thus contributing to the digital transformation of Vietnam’s news industry.

Ho Chi Minh City to host global blockchain conference

Vietnam’s largest global blockchain conference, NEAR APAC 2023, is set to take place in Ho Chi minh City on September 9 – 10.

Vietnamese man's startup succeeds with blockchain in the Netherlands

Many blockchain projects in the Netherlands have developed by Zestif, a startup founded by a Vietnamese, Crys Nguyen, born in 1992.

Blockchain technology market to expand in 2023

Blockchain is increasingly influential in all aspects of life in Vietnam and is expected to play an important role in the digital economy.

The key to promoting digital economic growth in Vietnam

The wide applicability and huge connected data store created from blockchain have made this technology increasingly important in the progress of realising the goal of bringing the digital economy to 20 per cent of GDP, as set by the government.

Blockchain integrated into Make-in-Vietnam browser

The Vietnamese-developed browser and search engine CocCoc will join KardiaChain to develop an integrated wallet to promote the use of Blockchain and Web3.

Blockchain to be used in a beauty contest for the first time

The voting and scoring of beauty contestants will be done in a transparent way thanks to technology application.

Vietnam to develop blockchain human resources

A scarcity of human resources to develop blockchain is not unique to Viet Nam and even in tech hubs such as Silicon Valley in the United States, India or China, the shortage of blockchain personnel is a common problem, experts said.

More startups use Blockchain technology

Vietnam is among the countries with a high number of companies using Blockchain. It is also among the leading countries in the digital asset adoption index ranked by Chainalysis.

Banks find it tough to apply blockchain technology

Incomplete legal corridors, high investment costs, time-consuming data synchronization and a lack of qualified personnel have made it hard for Vietnamese banks to embrace blockchain technology.

Vietnam cements position in the world’s software industry

Vietnam has established a foothold in the world’s software industry, Truong Gia Binh, chairman of the founding council of the Vietnam Software Association (Vinasa), said.

VN's blockchain market in 2022

The Vietnam Blockchain Union (VBU)’s newly released Vietnam Blockchain Report 2022 has revealed an overview of the country’s blockchain market this year.

Vietnam to host Blockchain Summit 2022 in October

The largest-scaled Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022 will be held on October 19-20, sponsored by the Government Cipher Committee.

Blockchain: choice for VN’s digital transformation

In recent years, Vietnam has quickly grasped technology trends, and Blockchain is no exception.

Blockchain going mainstream - hype or reality?

Blockchain technology is being adopted by governments and companies around the world, but there are still some challenges for blockchain to go mainstream in Vietnam,

Untangled laws crucial for blockchain

Despite its vast potential, Vietnam’s blockchain game industry still faces major hurdles before it can grow due to the complex legal advances still required.