VietNamNet cập nhật các thông tin xoay quanh các dự án, ứng dụng, game sử dụng công nghệ nền tảng Blockchain mới nhất hiện nay.

Vietnam’s first eight tons of mangoes have reached the US market with blockchain-based traceability technology.

Use of blockchain is step forward in health management

VietNamNet Bridge - Blockchain, with security and transparency, is considered a solution for electronic health record (EHR) management. 

AI in agriculture production still underused in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese farmers have been urged to use AI in agriculture because it is considered the ‘key to all technologies’. 

Blockchain, AI engineers most sought after

 Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) engineers may earn a monthly salary of over US$2,200, as the demand for labor within the industry is on the rise.

Blockchain 2019: A period for app development

VietNamNet Bridge - The blockchain market in 2019 is predicted to mature and gradually enter a growth period that will bring real benefits.

AI technology increasingly being used in Vietnam

Research and development activities in AI technology have gained initial achievements in Vietnam, according to Vu Duy Thuc, the co-founder of VietAI, an artificial intelligence organization representing the community.

Student develops plan to use blockchain to prevent plagiarism

All data including articles, photos and research works would be stored on a blockchain platform, providing evidence to prove the authors’ ownership of the works, under a project developed by Dam Thi Thien Nhi, a student at FPT University. 

Vietnam’s blockchain development plan still up in the air

VietNamNet Bridge - With five to seven events organized each month, blockchain experts are trying to change the mindset of Vietnamese businesses about blockchain technology.

Vietnam draws up plan on AI research and development

AI4Life, the first workshop on AI (artificial intelligence) in Vietnam, held in May, and AI4VN, which took place in August, gathered Vietnamese and overseas Vietnamese scientists.

Vietnam businesses using AI

VietNamNet Bridge -  Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in Vietnam in the fields of healthcare, finance & banking, transport and education. 

Vietnamese good at solving math questions, not math: AI expert

VietNamNet Bridge - Commenting that there is big gap in human resources, Le Cong Thanh, an AI expert, believes that Vietnam lacks expertise to develop artificial intelligence (AI). 

Small businesses lag behind in preparations for 4.0 era

VietNamNet Bridge - A number of large corporations have adapted well to the 4.0 era, but the majority of small businesses are lagging behind.

Online ads overtake TV ads thanks to AI, Blockchain

VietNamNet Bridge - Businesses’ budgets for online advertising are exceeding the budget allocated for television commercials as online ads, empowered with AI and Blockchain, have advantages.

How should Vietnam’s businesses respond to the technology revolution?

VietNamNet Bridge - The technology revolution has had great impact on many different business fields in Vietnam. 

What will Vietnam’s software industry gain when Vingroup joins it?

VietNamNet Bridge - In late August, Vingroup announced a plan to develop into a technology conglomerate, officially setting foot in the software industry.

Overseas Vietnamese scientists meet Prime Minister to discuss latest hi-tech trends

The most preeminent overseas Vietnamese technology talents from around the world recently met with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Minister of Planning and Investment, leaders and technology officers. 

The race is on to hire qualified staff for blockchain-based industries

VietNamNet Bridge - Blockchain technology has become more popular and used in many industries, driving up demand for staff. 

Startups see blockchain opportunities in ad industry

VietNamNet Bridge - Only one percent of companies around the world are starting to research the application of blockchain in online advertising, but the potential is great, including in Vietnam. 

Will Vietnam become a leading blockchain center?

VietNamNet Bridge - While some experts strongly believe that Vietnam will become a leading blockchain center in the world, others say it would be better not to indulge in illusions.

Vietnam can develop blockchain technology: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has great advantages to develop blockchain technology because of its many talented math and science personnel, experts say.