VietNamNet cập nhật các thông tin xoay quanh các dự án, ứng dụng, game sử dụng công nghệ nền tảng Blockchain mới nhất hiện nay.

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has great advantages to develop blockchain technology because of its many talented math and science personnel, experts say. 

Blockchain heats up Vietnam’s technology circle

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has recently become a blockchain R&D center in the region. The technology has been the major topic of many workshops and conferences organized this year. 

Blockchain technology traces farm produce origin in Vietnam

Blockchain technology is an important solution to trace the responsibilities of involved parties in the farm produce supply chain. However, the feasibility of the technology application in the immediate time is questionable. 

Vietnam in digital era: outlook optimistic but risks exist

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has a solid ICT platform thanks to the presence of foreign technology groups and the strong rise of Vietnamese technology startups in the last 10 years.

Vietnam lags behind Thailand in use of blockchain in agriculture

Agriculture is the livelihood of 70 percent of Vietnamese. However, high prices, unequal quality, and the lack of information about products have all made it difficult to compete with Thai products of the same kinds.

How is Vietnam applying artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in Vietnam in apps used such as face-identification technology cameras, smartphone chatbots, self-propelling vehicles, and nano robots.

Vietnamese blockchain group explores business opportunities

VietNamNet Bridge - The members of the Vietnamese blockchain community say they have confidence in the strong rise of technology in the future.

Finance, banking sector under pressure to undergo digital conversion

The technical breakdown at the HCMC Stock Exchange (HOSE) in late January shows that the finance and banking sector in Vietnam urgently needs to undergo digital conversion, analysts have said.

Blockchain boom expected in Vietnam: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - About 20 startups in the field of blockchain have registered their headquarters in Vietnam.

Vietnamese PhD in blockchain technology predicts big year for cryptocurrency

Some projects related to blockchain will kick off and bring actual value, according to Luu The Loi, the first and only Vietnamese PhD in blockchain technology.

Scientists warn of dangers to IoT devices

As of the end of December 2017, Vietnam had 316,000 internet-connected cameras. Of these, flaws were found that could be exploited by hackers in 147,000 devices.

Blockchain becoming more popular in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Blockchain is helpful in recording events, medical files, civil status and transactions management, in food traceability and in polls.

VN Blockchain Developers’ founder: Vietnamese crazy about ICO

“Many Vietnamese people don’t know anything about blockchain, but are still willing to pour millions of dollars into ICO (initial coin offering) ,” the founder of Vietnam Blockchain Developers Nguyen Sy Thanh Son said recently.

What will Blockchain bring to Vietnam?

“Don’t be afraid of Alipay! With Blockchain, we may have payment portals better than Alipay for Vietnam,” the CEO of Tomo, one of the first Vietnamese startups using Blockchain as platform technology, said recently.