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Most storied banh mi brands in Vietnam are honoured at a ceremony on March 31 in Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo:

The Vietnam Record Organization (VietKings) recognised the top 10 most storied banh mi brands, including Banh Mi Bay Ho, Banh Mi Nhu Lan, Banh Mi Hoa Ma, and Banh Mi Co Diep.

The Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA) also granted certificates of merit to 10 collectives and 18 individuals who made great contribution to the first-ever Vietnamese “banh mi” (baguette) festival.

The event running until April 2 aims to recognise the value of bread in Vietnamese cuisine and honour the skill and creativity of bakers.

It brings together a total of 120 pavilions from domestic and foreign restaurants, hotels, bakeries, and businesses, whilst it is expected to attract 50,000 visitors.

A ceremony aimed at honouring the best longstanding and famous bread brands in the nation and a workshop on the development of bread in the country will be organised within the framework of the festival. 

“Banh mi” was ranked as the seventh best street food in the world by TasteAtlas, a website dedicated to discovering fresh ingredients, traditional dishes, and authentic restaurants around the world. It was also named among the 50 best street food in Asia by CNN.

Source: VOV