Update news BRG

Vietnam has been advised to introduce a range of solutions aimed at attracting private investment in an effective manner with the private economic sector increasingly becoming a key part of the national economy,

Large corporations face hardships amid COVID-19 crisis

The managers of Sun Group, BRG and Vietjet, speaking at a meeting with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in mid-March, said they were facing difficulties.

The uncertain destiny of skyscrapers in Vietnam

While the HUD office and Vicem buildings have partially taken shape, PVN Tower and television tower have remained on paper for years.

The tycoon buying up ‘golden land plots’ in Hanoi

The Hanoi Stock Exchange confirmed Intimex Vietnam’s decision to buy 6 million shares of Hanoi Toserco (TSJ), a tourism company established in 1988, with total estimated value of VND200 billion.

Will golf courses attract tourists in poor provinces?

VietNamNet Bridge - Building more golf courses to develop tourism is believed to be one of the ways for poor provinces to develop local economies.

Vietnam probably has more than two dollar billionaires

VietNamNet Bridge - Two Vietnamese dollar billionaires have been officially recognized through stock assets  exceeding one billion dollars, but the real number of dollar billionaires could be higher.

"Golden land" in HCM City still scorching-hot as developers vie for plots

The battle for the "golden land", or prime real estate areas, in HCM City heated up recently after the Van Thinh Phat Group and a partner became the owner of a land plot located in an advantageous position in HCM City.

Business executives complain it’s hard to find successors

VietNamNet Bridge -  Many Vietnamese business executives say they cannot easily find deserving successors.

A series of 5-star hotels change hands

VietNamNet Bridge - Sofitel Plaza Hanoi and Duxton Saigon have been transferred to new owners at a time when many new hotel brands have opened in Hanoi and HCMC. 

Vietnam's conglomerates prepare next-generation leaders

VietNamNet Bridge - The managers and the ‘souls’ of many large conglomerates are getting older. Who will be their successors?

Vietnamese tycoons compete with big foreign companies

VietNamNet Bridge - In many ‘duels’, it is not the foreign giants with powerful financial capability and experience, but rather the Vietnamese conglomerateswho are the winners.

How has Vietnam's richest businesswoman spent their billions of dollars?

VietNamNet Bridge - In 2015 alone, Nguyen Thi Nga, who is believed to be the richest Vietnamese businesswoman, spent billions of dollars on big business affairs.