The clean food market model brings practical benefits to consumers.

To ensure food hygiene and safety for people, one of the effective solutions that many ethnic minority localities have chosen is the food safety market model. This model is praised for many practical benefits, which provides fresh food, with clear origin and the stalls and equipment are clean, where consumers feel more secure when buying food.

In Ca Mau province, 5 markets have been supported to build food safety market models, including Ward 5, Tac Van B, Tac Van A, Dinh Binh markets in Ca Mau city, the agricultural product market in Nam Can town of Nam Can district, and Dam Doi town market of Dam Doi district.

Bac Kan is one of the mountainous localities with a large number of ethnic minorities, living scatteredly in the areas of difficult terrain. Bac Kan has built the food safety market model at some local markets such as Bac Kan market in Bac Kan city, Bang Lung market in Bang Lung town of Cho Don district and it is expanding this model to other markets in the province.

The food safety market model has contributed to arranging food businesses in accordance with food safety regulations; mobilizing social resources to invest, renovate and upgrade equipment and tools to serve food business in markets to ensure uniformity, hygiene and food safety, protect the environment and create favorable conditions to develop the market according to civilized and modern trends.

The use of this model also help promptly detect and handle cases of trading of poor quality food of unknown origin, through which recommending people to absolutely not use food products of unknown origin or expired dates to avoid food poisoning.

At the markets where this model is applied, traders are equipped with knowledge about food hygiene and safety, food preservation, especially ensuring that pesticide residues in fresh products satisfying regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Khanh Vy