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 VietNamNet Bridge – More businesses in Viet Nam have either suspended or shut down operations in the first three quarters of 2014,

99.9% of Vietnamese enterprises are super small

Of the more than 500,000 operating enterprises in Vietnam, up to 95-96% are small and super-small ones. If household-scaled businesses are added to the statistics, the percentage of small, super-small and micro-enterprises may account for 99.9%.

Businesses thirsty for information

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese businesses have been planning their business strategies based on their feelings or the data from unclear sources. They do not know where they should go to find reliable information.

Demand rises for seasonal workers

 VietNamNet Bridge – Many enterprises, restaurants and supermarkets in Ha Noi and HCM City need more seasonal workers as the Lunar New Year holidays are approaching.

Complicated playing rules “help” businesses evade tax

 VietNamNet Bridge – It is the legal loopholes existing in complicated laws which have lent a hand to businesses in evading taxes.

Thousands of workers won’t have Tet bonus

 VietNamNet Bridge – In the current big economic difficulties, businesses would have to fasten their belt and reserve limited budgets for Tet bonus for workers, according to the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

Import-export companies weep from new customs regulation

 VietNamNet Bridge – The new regulation on the procedures for customs clearance has led to the fact that imports and exports have got stuck at customs and management agencies.


Footwear exports aim for US$8 billion; ÆON Japan invests in Vietnam;  Businesses suggest tax, customs overhaul; FDI up 65.5% in 10 months; Hanoi to host 28th Asian Advertising Congress

Tax agencies disagree, businesses like fish on chopping board

 VietNamNet Bridge – Businesses complain that they always meet with difficulties when getting tax refund, even though the VAT refund has been stipulated by the laws.

Irrecoverable debts on sharp rise

 VietNamNet Bridge – Of the VND6.5 trillion worth of debts the Vietnam Asset Management Company (VAMC) has bought so far, 67 percent is in the real estate sector.

Two-thirds of enterprises incur losses

 VietNamNet Bridge - Up to two-thirds of 450,000 local enterprises have reported losses in business this year, said Deputy Minister of Finance Do Hoang Anh Tuan at a conference in Hanoi on Wednesday.


 VN Airlines to sell 2.7% stake in bank; Vietnam enjoys 26% surge in export to Canada; Promotion month launched in Hanoi; Investors concerned about corruption in Vietnam; PM opens up to world credit ratings

One and all businesses evade tax, national purse torn

Big enterprises have been found as evading tax--foreign invested enterprises were involved in transfer pricing scandals, while state owned economic groups repeatedly insist on tax exemption and reduction.

Banks buy corporate bonds instead of lending to businesses

The banks’ move of pouring big money into corporate bonds, in the eyes of analysts, is a form of providing loans to businesses. Analysts have warned that it will be very difficult to settle the bad debts from the bond investments.

Vietnamese businesses don’t want to grow up

 VietNamNet Bridge – There are two reasons that make businessmen refuse to expand their business scale.

Vietnamese and the “$1billion business ambition”

 VietNamNet Bridge – Despite the current big difficulties, a lot of Vietnamese enterprises still have been nurturing the ambitious plan of obtaining the turnover of one billion dollar.

10,000 businesses resume operation

The number of newly-established companies in January-July period increased by 8.4 percent, while many enterprises which temporarily ceased operation resumed their activities, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Online forums become a threat to VN businesses and, the forums of the parents and consumers, have become the big threat to Vietnamese producers, because the forums’ members there may kill them one day with just their comments.

Businesses ill-prepared for natural disasters

 VietNamNet Bridge – Few Vietnamese enterprises have paid proper attention to handling natural disasters or preparing business continuity plans, putting themselves and the community at risk.

How to “play” with China for mutual benefit?

As a girl just wonders "Love is pain but it is great loss without love" so how should she do. The issue is which way that she "loves" to earn "profit" not to get loss from “love”. It is similar for the trade relations between Vietnam and China.