Update news cancer

 Ovarian transplants are a safe and effective way for women who have had cancer to have their own children, a study shows.

Portion size key in tackling obesity, says study

 Reducing the portion sizes offered in supermarkets, restaurants and at home would help reverse the obesity epidemic, say researchers.

Poor sleeping patterns link to cancer

 Irregular sleeping patterns have been "unequivocally" shown to lead to cancer in tests on mice, a study suggests.

22,000 cosmetics with cancer causing preservative banned

 VietNamNet Bridge – Viet Nam is set to ban about 22,000 types of cosmetics containing five derivatives of Paraben that are suspected of causing breast cancer and male infertility.

Villagers blame polluted river for cancer deaths

 VietNamNet Bridge – Black-as-coal and smelling of something rank, the Nhue River snakes its way through the middle of Van Hoang Commune, Phu Xuyen District in Ha Noi.

Vietnam’s cancer increase fuelled by alcohol abuse

 VietNamNet Bridge – According to a World Health Organization (WHO) comparison of per capita consumption in litres of pure alcohol, Vietnamese—at 8.7 litres per year—out-drink residents of all other Southeast Asian nations.

Angelina Jolie has ovaries and fallopian tubes removed

 Actress Angelina Jolie has had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed as a preventative measure against cancer.

'Half of UK people' will get cancer

One in two people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, analysis suggests.

Non-infectious diseases on the rise

VietNamNet Bridge – Non-infectious diseases, such as high-blood pressure, pulmonary ailments, asthma, diabetes and cancer, make up two thirds of the total incidence of diseases and health-related deaths in the nation,

Air pollution 'causing deadly public health crisis'

 New schools, care homes and hospitals should be built far away from major roads because of the dangers of air pollution, a report by MPs says.

70 percent of cancer patients in country detected late

70% of cancer patients in country detected late; Hanoi to install traffic cameras; Hanoi: 10,000 people to be screened for visual impairment; Busy programme of events for HIV/AIDS month; Noi Bai Airport director apologises for substandard service

Up to 160,000 cancer cases diagnosed in Vietnam each year

 As many as 130,000-160,000 new cancer cases are reported in Vietnam every year, along with up to 115,000 cancer-related deaths, according to initial research conducted in a number of cities and provinces nationwide.

Cancer cases multiply near Dong Van Industrial Zone

 VietNamNet Bridge – Many residents in villages in Ha Nam Province’s Duy Tien District became seriously ill and lost their jobs after giving up farmland to the state to make room for the Dong Van Industrial Zone in the province.

Cancer cases in Ha Tinh possibly due to contaminated water

Locals in Lien Tien and Dong Son hamlets of Mai Phu commune in Ha Tinh Province are not worried about hunger, poverty or harsh weather, but the numerous cancer-related deaths in their sleepy villages.

1,000 cancer deaths in 6 years, reasons unknown

 VietNamNet Bridge – 1,000 cancer-related deaths have been reported in one district in the last six years. In one small town, 115 out of 562 deaths (21 percent) were due to cancer.

A pill for all cancers? Vietnamese scientists hopeful but cautious

News of the development of a wonderful new remedy for all types of cancer should be treated with some wariness, says Professor Nguyen Chan Hung. Dr. Hung, who serves as Chair of the Vietnam Cancer Association.

Biomarkers in blood could predict mortality risk: researchers

A joint medical research conducted by Finnish and Estonian researchers found that some biomarkers in blood sample could predict mortality risk to people who appear healthy,

Researchers develop simple paper test for cancer

 U.S. researchers said Monday they have developed a simple, cheap paper test that could reveal within minutes whether a person has cancer.

Well water causing cancer in central commune

 VietNamNet Bridge – Residents of Viet Xuyen Commune in central Ha Tinh Province are worried that contaminated well water is exposing them to cancer after a spate of deaths caused by the killer disease recently.

Cancer 'tidal wave' on horizon, warns WHO

 The globe is facing a "tidal wave" of cancer, and restrictions on alcohol and sugar need to be considered, say World Health Organization scientists.