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Liver cancer causes highest death among cancers in VN

The number accounts for 21 per cent of the deaths caused by cancer in the country. The data was revealed by the VN National Cancer Hospital at a recent event named “Correct understanding of liver cancer”.

An average 75,000 people die of cancer in Vietnam a year

An average of about 120,000 new cancer cases are discovered and more than 75,000 patients die from this disease a year in Vietnam, according to the Ministry of Health.

More than 350,000 live with cancer in Vietnam

As many as 354,000 Vietnamese people are living with cancer, a figure that is many times higher compared to 30 years ago, with many people diagnosed at a late stage leading to a high mortality rate.

26,000 new lung cancer patients diagnosed in Vietnam annually

As many as 26,200 new cases of lung cancer are recorded each year in Vietnam, with the disease now ranked second among the top causes of death, according to Globocan, an online database which provides global cancer statistics.

Cancer rising among young Vietnamese people

Cancer cases are on the rise nationwide, particularly among young people, according to Bui Vinh Quang, director of Hanoi Oncology Hospital, at a conference held in the city on November 4.

Vietnamese scientist finds anti-cancer compounds from rice husks

A research group led by Prof. Dr. Tran Dang Xuan of Hiroshima University has demonstrated that the compound extracted from rice husks has an inhibitory effect on cancer cells and is safe for normal cells.

2,500 children suffer from cancer in Vietnam every year

The Cancer Centre under the National Paediatrics Hospital, revealed the information in the programme "Con thuyền mơ ước" (Ship of Dreams) to improve people's awareness of children's cancer on Sunday in Hanoi.

Shelter cares for 20 breast cancer patients in HCM City

No longer allowed to stay in a hospital, a breast cancer patient sold her house to rent and provide a shelter for 20 patients coming from all over the country to Ho Chi Minh City for chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Shortage of radioactive materials needs to be resolved urgently

In the past three days, Nguyen Dinh Hung, living in Binh Chanh District in HCMC, had to visit many hospitals around the city to find a place to take PET/CT scans for his mother, a patient suspected of having stomach cancer.

Cancer screening services offer false promises for high fee

In Vietnam, there are an estimated 182,563 new cases and 122,690 cancer deaths each year. Due to the high mortality rate, many people hope screening will help detect this disease early.


Stem cell transplants provide hope for blood cancer patients

Stem cell transplants have created a revolution in the treatment of blood diseases at the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (NIHBT).

Cervical cancer patients on the rise: doctors

The number of women with cervical cancer is increasing in Vietnam, health experts warned.

Patient found with two types of cancer in same lung

A patient identified with two different types of cancer occurring simultaneously on the same lung lobe has been hospitalised in the Vietnam-Sweden Hospital in Uong Bi City of the northeastern province Quang Ninh.

Fish oil supplements offer 'little or no benefit' against cancer

Research suggests omega-3 supplements may not be as beneficial as previously suggested.

Monsanto faces a surge in lawsuits following cancer ruling

 American agro-chemicals company Monsanto is facing a surge in lawsuits that may cost its new owners, Bayer, billions in damages.

Smoking: The late regrets

It’s been three months since the last time Dinh Van Tinh, 52, has had that pleasure of puffing on a traditional Vietnamese pipe that has become as familiar as an everyday meal for him over the last quarter of a century.

Former SEA Games winner needs help for cancer treatment

 VietNamNet Bridge – Former Southeast Asian Games billiard champion Do Hoang Quan, who was recently diagnosed with rectum cancer, is in need of help for treatment.

A surprise discovery: Vietnam’s propolis can help treat cancer

Dr Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai, Dean of Chemistry, at the HCMC University of Natural Sciences, has discovered that Vietnam’s propolis has very strong anti-cancer activity, especially for pancreatic cancer.

US investor buys big stake in Vietnamese curcumin company

In early 2017, PHI Group, an investor from the US, unexpectedly announced the purchase of a 51 percent stake of Hoang Minh Chau, called the ‘curcumin King’ of  Khoai Chau area in Hung Yen province. The value of the deal remains a secret.

Vietnamese expert says protein can used to kill tumors in cancer patients

VietNamNet Bridge - Dr Phan Minh Liem, a Vietnamese scientist at MD Anderson Cancer Center, has discovered that 14-3-3 sigma protein can kill malignant tumors.