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As VN banks digitise, customer service key, HCM City OKs inland container depot, Car, motorbike prices dance, Transport firms owe employees $31 million wages, premiums, Ministry predicts 2017 export growth

Vietnamese fastest-growing car market In ASEAN

VietNamNet Bridge - With a sales growth rate of 25 percent, Vietnam is the fastest-growing car market in ASEAN, while Thailand and Indonesia had a gloomy year with decreased growth. The demand brought high profits to manufacturers and dealers.

Import car market: monopoly and fraud can bring super profits

VietNamNet Bridge - Not only trading companies but authorized car distributors as well have been found playing tricks to evade tax.

Second phase of bank restructuring process kicks off

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese commercial banks have started the second phase (2016-2020) of restructuring which sets higher requirements in settling existing problems and improving competitiveness.

Banks drop in value

VietNamNet Bridge - Though the most difficult period for commercial banks in Vietnam is over, the banks are still decreasing in value.

Will Vietnamese banks pass the stress test?

The Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) has announced unsatisfactory results on a stress test it conducted on 13 Vietnamese banks which hold 68.5 percent of the total assets of the banking system.

Foreign experts urge steps for auto sector

The Government’s already-approved development strategy for the auto industry could help Vietnam meet domestic demand and join the world’s production chain but specific policies must be in place to help the nation realize preset goals.

Paris car ban set to start after pollution hits high

 Hundreds of police will monitor traffic in Paris on Monday after pollution levels prompted the French government to impose major restrictions.

Vietnamese banks’ CARs surprisingly high

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese banks see bad debts increasing, but all of them have got higher capital safety. Meanwhile, the commercial banks believed to have high capital safety are the ones which may lose capital easily.

Vietnamese aristocratic students go to schools by cars

 VietNamNet Bridge – The scenes of Vietnamese students, aged 18-20, drive cars to school, have been seen more regularly. They belong to the new class of students – the aristocratic students.


 VNA, Rolls-Royce in talks over aircraft engine deal; Dealing with trade lawsuits; Vietnam, EU end fourth FTA round; Second aircraft spare parts factory to take shape; Anti-dumping probe on stainless imports

Hundreds of cars free of tax arrears

 VietNamNet Bridge – The General Department of Customs has released its conclusion on 722 Daewoo Matiz and Kia Morning car that were declared as small vans to evade taxes in 2009.

CBU car imports to see prices plummet from 2014

 VietNamNet Bridge – The cars to be imported from ASEAN countries under the mode of complete built units (CBU) would reduce to 50 percent from 2014.

HCM City has 300 new cars per day

According to the city’s social-economic report of the first quarter 2013, more than 104,000 new vehicles, including over 26,000 cars, were registered during this period. On average, the city had nearly 300 newly-registered cars per day.

Selling cars in lots – the good solution in economic recession

The first rays of hope have been flashed on the automobile market, but the demand remains weak in the economic downturn. Therefore, selling cars in lots remains the top choice for automobile manufacturers.

The three ways of life for small banks

In order to become stronger, banks need to be bigger, or they need to increase their capital.

Small banks have to become big to exist

The steps taken today in the bank restructuring process would decide the face of the Vietnamese banking system in the next three years.

Less super-cars to enter Vietnam in the Year of Snake

Analysts believe that not many super-cars would be imported to Vietnam in 2013, because a lot of barriers have been installed which would block the way of the cars to Vietnam.

Nation drowning in sea of fees

Despite the objections and concerns of local people and enterprises, the controversial road maintenance fee collection scheme has been finally realized, forcing all car and motorbike owners to start paying a fee

Auto sales decreases sink down the localities’ pockets

When automobile manufacturers’ association reported the sharp falls in the car sales, big worries have been raised--not only to the manufacturers, but to local authorities as well.