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Public wants stiff sanctions on deviant speech, behavior

An average administrative fine of VND7.5 million is imposed on KOLs and celebrities for deviant behavior conducted online.

Ministry proposes increase of fine level for cyberspace violations

The Ministry of Information and Communication will propose to the Government to issue regulations on increasing the level of fines and additional penalties for cyberspace violations.

Some 400 websites blacklisted for legal violations

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has announced a "Black List" of 403 websites with signs of law violation in 2023.

Community to better protect children in cyber environment

In recent years, information technology and telecommunications growth has impacted every field and everyone’s life, including children.

‘Call girl booking’ ads can’t be removed because of AI-based censorship regime

Stopping ads like call girl bookings from Facebook and Telegram, which are considered a ‘paradise’ for tricks, is becoming more difficult.

Intricacy urged in cybercrime battle

As criminals exploit advanced technologies, both banks and customers face amplified risks, necessitating collaborative and advanced countermeasures.

Users warned about call girl booking services on Facebook, Google

Most ads on Facebook and Google related to callgirl booking are traps laid to swindle users out of money through “task implementation".

Club for Child Protection in Cyberspace launched in Vietnam

A ceremony was held for the Club for the Protection of Vietnamese Children in Cyberspace, launched by the Vietnam Information Security Association - VNISA, on September 27 in Hanoi.

Pornography, gambling livestream apps flood Facebook, Google

Many ethical issues have arisen recently on Facebook and Google, including ads for callgirls and pornography and gambling livestream apps.

Ministry to control livestreams, manage activities under legal regulations

Identifying livestreamers will help restrict dirty content and sale of fake goods, and will also force livestreamers to comply with the law.

New decree on Internet services expected to 'clean up' cyberspace

Social networks will be required to remove content found in violation immediately. Such accounts, community pages and content channels will be locked. The heavy sanctions are expected to help clean up cyberspace.

Schools set barriers to protect children online

Besides family members and society, schools can also make great contributions to protect children online by installing barriers to prevent toxic content.

Vietnamese parents uneasy as children spend too much time on social media

Instead of prohibiting access to the internet, parents should offer guidance to their children on how to use social media in a responsible way, and make the best use of features that control the time for access to the platforms.

Cyber authority tightens up on harmful content

For every 100 dollars generated by illegal activities on YouTube globally, a shocking 55 dollars come from Viet Nam.

Experts warn of child abuse as parents post children’s photos on social media

Parents need to learn how to behave properly on social media, or their children may become victims of social evils.

Watchdog agency concerned about toxic content on Facebook

Misrepresentation of political issues, copyright infringement, advertisements for gambling games and aphrodisiac products appear regularly on Facebook Watch and Reels in Vietnam.

White List helps businesses make decisions about ad placement

Experts say advertising on social networks is a double-edged sword. If businesses go the wrong way, they will destroy their brands.

Procedures on handling artists, KOLs to be released in October

The procedures on treating artists and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) who violate the law will be issued in October.

Ministry to issue handling process for celebs with cyber space violations

The Ministry of Information and Communication and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will coordinate to issue a process to handle celebrities and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who violate cyber space regulations.

Vietnam to inspect TikTok next month amid increase in harmful content

Harmful content has featured on TikTok since last year, negatively affecting Vietnamese children, Lê Quang Tự Do, head of the ministry’s Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information said.