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Prohibiting access to internet is not the right way to protect children: experts

To protect children and keep them safe in cyberspace, there should be a "digital immune system and digital vaccine", or knowledge and skills that help them protect themselves.

Online child abusers exploit personal information leakage

After stealing children’s personal information, evildoers exploit the stolen information to abuse and bully children, according to Bui Duy Thanh from World Vision Vietnam.

Cyberbullying creating harmful impacts on Vietnamese children

As netizens, children are exposed to various negative information, not to mention privacy attacks and cyberbullying. These acts might make them suffer from unwanted depression, which is rather dangerous to their mental health.

State agencies’ websites found to have hidden links for advertising, gambling

The latest preliminary check of the Authority of Information Security (AIS) under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has found that at least 90 websites with content such as ads, card playing and gambling.

Children face risks in cyberspace with 87 per cent accessing internet daily

With 87 per cent of Vietnamese children aged 12-17 years old access the internet every day, they are facing a myriad of risks in cyberspace.

Phuong Hang case: Abuse of freedom of speech

Many people use social media to fabricate and spread wrong or slanderous information, offending the honor and dignity of others. Lawyer Dang Van Cuong said the presence of the police to handle such cases is a necessity.

Nguyen Phuong Hang accused of abusing freedom, democracy rights

Police have finished an investigation into Nguyen Phuong Hang for the charge of “abusing rights of freedom and democracy to infringe upon interests of the State, rights and legitimate interests of organisations and individuals”.

Vietnam issues new regulations on storing data in cyberspace businesses

The data must be stored for at least 24 months, and system logs for criminal investigation purposes must be stored for at least 12 months.

‘Make in Vietnam’ platforms and sovereignty milestones in digital space

Being open to the world but not depending on technology is a challenge for many countries, not only Vietnam.

Protecting copyright in cyberspace: challenging issue

The digital environment poses challenges for the protection of the rights of subjects and activities of management and enforcement agencies on copyright and related rights.

Fraud crimes in Vietnam becoming increasingly sophisticated

The Ministry of Public Security has announced that recently fraudulent activities to appropriate property have become more complicated and sophisticated, especially frauds on the cyber space.

TikTok: success for those who dare to go against the majority and lessons for VN

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg could not find a way to turn the attack on TikTok. He said that TikTok is a threat to America's values and technology position.

Strengthening tools to protect children in cyberspace

The strong development of the Internet and social networks has made children become digital citizens early, which brings many benefits in the service of learning, entertainment, and enhanced social interaction.

Vietnam's online child protection organization internationally honored

CyberKid Vietnam recently won the category Social Impact - Asia Pacific of the Customer Success Awards 2021 organized by Workplace from Meta.


CyberKid Vietnam joins hands with global security firm to protect children online

CyberKid Vietnam is the first social organization in Vietnam with 100% Vietnamese ideas, owned and operated by Vietnamese to protect and support Vietnamese children in cyberspace.

Equipping children with self-defense skills on cyberspace

The Department of Child Care and Protection will join forces with local authorities, relevant agencies and organizations to train children with the skills to protect themselves in cyberspace.

There’s no excuse for offending other people’s honor and dignity: official

No one has the right to infringe upon the body, life, honor and dignity of other people, for any reason, said Truong Quoc Anh, officer of the People’s Procuracy and a social network user.

Vietnamese children need safer environment in cyberspace

Children often spend a lot of time learning, playing and exploring on the internet. Besides the undeniable benefits, unseen threats are also part of cyberspace.

Newspapers and social media: cooperation or confrontation?

VietNamNet spoke with Nguyen Ngoc Chu, a respected mathematician, who is a well-known Facebooker whose posts on his page attract at least 1,000 likes each.

VN needs system that automatically scans, detects bad content on social networks

The second technological solution is a system that automatically scans and detects content unreasonable to children, or content where children are the subjects of abuse.