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State apparatus and demands from life

Improving the state apparatus is an objective requirement that needs to be resolved soon.

It is time to reform the state administrative apparatus

Reforming the state administrative apparatus is a national policy which has been noted in resolutions of all eight national congresses of the Communist Party of Vietnam during the 35 years of Doi Moi (reform).

Administrative reform sees good progress but weaknesses remain

The government’s 2011-2020 master program on the state administration reform has come to an end.

Congress resolution eyes developed country status for Vietnam by mid-21st century

The resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, adopted at the event’s closing session on February 1 morning, targets that Vietnam will become a socialist-oriented developed country by the mid-21st century.

Foreign reporters highlight Vietnam’s renewal achievements

Foreign reporters have spotlighted the great role of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) in the country’s development as well as achievements Vietnam achieved during 35 years of its Doi Moi (renewal) process.

Vietnam’s economy after 35 years of “Doi Moi”

After 35 years of implementing the “Doi Moi” process, Vietnam’s economic development has been nothing short of remarkable. 

Breakthrough in economic reform and restructuring in the coming time

Commenting on the draft documents submitted to the upcoming 13th National Party Congress, VietNamNet introduces the opinions of Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cung, former Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management.

How can Vietnam attract talented people?

How should Vietnam attract talented people, and accept their differences to develop? On the topic of aspirations for Vietnam to rise up and catch up with modern, civilized countries, VietNamNet spoke with senior economist Tran Dinh Thien.

Southern region thrives after 45 years of reunification

After 45 years of national reunification and three decades of the Doi Moi (renewal) process, under the leadership of the Party, southern provinces and cities’ economy have thrived dramatically.

Human rights in Vietnam after over 30 years of renovation

The creative use and development of President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam is not to forget the rights of any social class.


Economic institutional reform still has many shortcomings

Vietnam has gained certain achievements in completing the market mechanism, and adjusting the corresponding role of the State in the economy.

Vietnam needs to use resources more effectively

Vietnam’s resources are scarce and are not being used efficiently, experts say.

Ensuring and promoting human rights in innovation practices

For over 30 years of Doi Moi, ensuring and promoting human rights has made great achievements, which are important for the cause of building socialism and protecting the country.


Numbers that speak of human rights achievement in Vietnam

Vietnam has increasingly been able to create practical and cultural premises to better ensure basic human rights.


Vietnam - bright spot in FDI attraction in ASEAN

News and World Report of the US has ranked Vietnam eighth among 29 best economies to invest in, and first among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the list.

In Vietnam, business must be the center of all policies

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) is drawing up a plan to increase Vietnam’s national productivity, which remains at an alarmingly low rate compared with neighboring countries.

Vietnam is at T-junction

“Vietnam doesn't have other options other than moving forward. Frankly, Vietnam must move forward,” said Ousmane Dione, the Vietnam Country Director for the World Bank.

Where is Vietnam on the world’s economic map?

The Vietnam Communist Party saw the risk of lagging behind 30 years ago. In the Resolution of the 7th Communist Party Congress and the resolutions of the next congresses, lagging behind was mentioned as a ‘risk’.

Why does Vietnam lag behind?

Vietnam is economically lagging behind other countries in the region and in the world. There is a big gap in GDP per capita between Vietnam and other countries, which makes it difficult for Vietnam to catch up with them.

Leaders anticipate a thriving future

The government has made great efforts to be more enabling and responsive to businesses. This has received a thumbs-up from international organisations, which believe it is a sign that brighter prospects lie ahead.