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Education Ministry mulls solutions to reduce spending on textbooks

The Ministry of Education and Training has released an instruction asking teachers and managerial officers not to allow students write in textbooks so the books can be used again.

New policy may make it more difficult to control textbook market

Experts have warned that the ‘one curriculum, many sets of textbooks’ policy may cause chaos in the textbook market.

Children surrounded by “rubbish” books

VietNamNet Bridge - Educators have expressed deep concern about children’s books with nonsensical content which are sold at many shops in the country.

Textbooks teach first graders to walk on glass

VietNamNet Bridge - The Education Publishing House has decided to remove the lesson on teaching students to walk on glass from the life skill textbook designed for first graders. However, the issue remains controversial.

Many mistakes found in textbooks

VietNamNet Bridge - Numerous mistakes have been found in literature textbooks for general school students published by the national Education Publishing House.

Education publishing house slammed for copyright infringement

 VietNamNet Bridge – Authors who have their work published in school textbooks have never received royalties from the Education Publishing House, which is the only authorized textbook publisher in Vietnam.